Contouring Proficient Technocrats: GSDC Workshop

Contouring Proficient Technocrats: GSDC Workshop

Niharika Dalai | Oct 30, 2017

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The emerging new generation of prodigious developers entails a demand for potent platforms to configure their aptitude and acuminate their proficient developing skills. Organisations like Google are putting a significant effort to provide this platform to avid learners who desire to improve their developing skills.

Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) is an initiative by Google to promote Android, Web development and other fields of Computer Science. So, in order to facilitate this, one student from each institute is selected from a certain number of colleges across India. In our institute, the procedure included the nomination of 5 students by the Training and Placement Center and was followed by a series of rounds and interviews. After the entire process, Sriya Sainath, a pre-final year student from the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering was selected as the GSDC lead for NITR.
The student selected as the GSDC lead is primarily given the responsibility to conduct workshops on Android and Web development, guest lectures and invite professionals from Google to the institute to interact with the developers. GDSC aims to augment and enhance the technical knowledge of the entire mass of students and to bridge the gap between amateur efficient developers and the companies who seek developers. It acts as a medium of communication between the developers at our institute and a few local companies as well as alumni who require web and Android developers.

Recently, GDSC conducted two workshops on Android and Web development to explicate the basic concepts to the students and give a practical demonstration of a few applications. The first workshop was conducted on 15th October 2017 from 5-8 PM at LA-101. In this workshop, the students were initially taught about JAVA and OOP by GDSC lead Sriya Sainath and Abel Mathew. The introduction was followed by the briefing of the basics of android like the components required for developing an android application, set up procedure for working on the application, etc. The class finally concluded with a practical demonstration of developing a calculator application.

The second workshop was conducted on 28th October 2017 at LA-117 from 5-8 PM. This workshop was completely based on practical demonstration of the development of a maths quiz application from the concepts taught in the previous workshop which was simultaneously done by the tutors as well as the students.

GDSC has been putting significant efforts to enhance the technical skills of the students at our institute. On being asked about the future plans, GDSC lead Sriya Sainath says,

We plan to build mobile and web development skills and knowledge among the students of NITR. We also want to facilitate solution development initiatives for local organizations with NITR students as developers.



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