Ask a Question has always been a flag bearer of MM, acting as the direct link between administration and students. In its 9th issue too, Team MM is explicating the incertitude of the NITR junta and hereby presenting the answers to all your queries pertaining to various facets:

Response From Dean Academics, Prof. K.K. Mahapatra

MM: What is the threshold criteria for clearing subjects like jogging which has no credits? Will low attendance in such subjects cause any academic penalties?

Prof. K.K. Mahapatra: Attendance in jogging will obviously matter because it will have a grade S and X (satisfactory and unsatisfactory). It will be more or less in the similar line as any other lab courses in which 10% absents are normally allowed. Although the exact guidelines haven't been circulated till now, and moreover it will depend on the instructor and the PIC but in my opinion, it should be around 20%, and after that, he/she might be declared unsatisfactory or extra classes will be arranged. Jogging undoubtedly make the students stay fit and healthy, which is an indispensable need of an engineering student at NIT.

MM: Why aren't we provided the funding required for the product development lab course? Also, the faculties don't seem to cooperate with us, as they refuse to provide necessary apparatus and materials. They rather ask us to procure it from our own money. On being insisted for help, the reply we get is to talk with HOD. Why does a course like this is added to the curriculum then?

KKM: The course is added to the curriculum because an engineer is supposed to develop a product at some or the other stage in life except for those who join a total database company. 

Coming to the funding, a faculty has no business of telling students to get the material by themselves. If any such incidents happen then let me know, I’ll talk to the concerned faculty. I agree to the fact, that there might be problems in the system but just the blame game won’t help. We need the names of specific faculties because being anonymous over this won’t help anyone.

The product has to be chosen by the student and faculty in the mutual discussion. Once it is chosen, he might have some materials already in the lab. For the ones, he doesn't have then necessary procurements can be made to get it from the market. Students oughtn't to spend money on academics after they have already paid the fees.

The whole student body should understand that the Director and I, are in full support of the students and all the requirements within the framework of laws, will be helped with.

It is the responsibility of faculty to provide the equipment to the students but if under some situation they aren’t able to do, then the product should be changed on further discussion. Removing the course doesn’t make any sense because the entire philosophy of developing products would be discarded then.

MM: The current revised syllabus for the 1st years has raised some questions among the NITR junta. Many tough though necessary subjects have been removed. Do you feel removing a tough subject like Data Structure where quite a lot of students used to fail will help? What is the point in studying a subject where a student won't has the fear to fail? If a paper is easy, then he'll never learn what a tough subject is until he goes to his 3rd or 4th year after which he might face even more difficulties since he never faced them in the first year.

KKM: It is removed because last year a committee came with the recommendation, that if a students want to learn this course, then let them learn by themselves. In addition, another trouble is that C.S Departement is facing a shortage of faculties so it was not very feasible on their part to continue the Data Structure classes. I hope that they soon recover from the paucity and the course can be started again. I want to clarify that the removal of it from the curriculum has nothing to do with the course being tough. We are all trying our level best to further improve the standard of academics at NIT Rourkela.

Reponse From Prof. Debayan Sarkar, PIC, Institute Guest House

MM: What is the process for booking a room in the campus guest house?

Debyan Sarkar: The current booking process, which might seem cumbersome, is done to ensure safety in the process. To book a room in the guesthouse a student has to approach a faculty adviser who using his/her login credentials will be able to book a reservation for a room. The availability of rooms, as well as the status of booking, may be verified with the faculty adviser as well. The room can be claimed at the reception by showing a copy of the confirmation letter received as an email after the verification of the room. Bookings of the room of any category can only be done through a reference to any employee id. In cases of emergency where an online booking could not be done due to unavoidable circumstances, guests arriving on short notice will be accommodated- provided rooms are available.

Response from A.K. Behera, Assistant Registrar, Academics

MM: There have been numerous complaints about SAC leaves getting approved but not being uploaded in NITRis. How are the problems being handled?

A.K Behera: 
There are a lot of leaves coming in regularly and approving each of them one by one can prove tedious. The whole lump is approved by our Dean Academics at once before the end semester starts. Approving a leave is a matter of few clicks and they are generally approved at the end at one go since the Dean has a lot of work to focus his attention on. If the leave has been updated in the system and shows up on NITRis it will get approved for sure. If not the same day, the leaves will get the approval some day before the end semester examinations.

MM: Why are there no special functions for Diwali? The academic areas are not properly lit up. Can we expect a better celebration with our departments being lit up/decorated at the least?

AKB: Everything can be expected and Diwali can be done in a more glamorous way but it depends on the students on how they want to organise it. But no extra leaves for it can be granted since students already get long puja vacations.

Response from Prof. Suman Jha, Warden, SD Hall of Residence

MM: When would the curtains be installed in Satish Dhawan Hall Of Residence? The task was done to be done this summer, but it’s long past the scheduled time now. Also, the road in front of the I-Block still remains incomplete after months of work initiation. When would this be expected to complete?

Prof. Suman Jha: In the last HMC meeting, it was decided that no curtains would be installed in the coming future for SD Hall Of Residence. The construction of roads was one of the proposals in the annual budget. The 302 crores allotted for this financial year includes its construction too.


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