Building the Future: Team ZON Review

Building the Future: Team ZON Review

Mrinal Chaudhury | Oct 31, 2017

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A person who envisions the future with imagination or wisdom is alluded to as a visionary. A person who envisions the future and makes it come alive is called an Engineer. A group of passionate engineers came together in the autumn of 2016 to pave the future of sustainable mobility by participating in Electric Solar Vehicle Challenge by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers. Student teams from all over the country show their technical prowess by designing and manufacturing a solar vehicle and participating in the event with the automobile.


Team ZON 1.0 proved its mettle in its debut in ESVC 2016 itself. It was conferred with the ‘Best Business Plan Award’ and ‘We love memories Award’. The major breakthrough was its 2nd Position in Innovation and Design. In ESVC 2017, Team ZON 2.0 managed to break into top 20 of over 75 participating teams and win a string of awards. It bagged the Green Energy Award and Appreciation Award as well.


Team ZON 3.0 is the official entry of NIT Rourkela in ESVC 2018.The team inductions were held in August alongside that of American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) NIT Rourkela Chapter. The team comprises of 30 Enthusiasts from different streams of Engineering of NITR.The team is being led by Omkar Patel, a student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is currently in his 3rd year. The Vice-Captain of the team is Ashish Pradhan from Electronics and Communications and Prof.BBVL Deepak from the Department of Industrial design is the faculty advisor for Team ZON 3.0.

It enlists its goals for the event in 2018 as follows:

  1. Optimization of chassis and Suspension using Finite Element Analysis Software, to achieve weight reduction and enhance performance.
  2. Establish a direct connection between the Solar Panels and Hub Panels without any connection from the battery.
  3. Upgrading to a 2 kW BLDC HUB motor from the 1 kW HUB motor of ZON 2.0.


Team ZON is considered an affiliate of ASME NIT Rourkela. The budget allocated to ASME NITR Chapter by the Student Activity Centre is INR 1,30,000.

The estimated total budget of Team ZON 3.0 is INR 4, 28,112. The production cost is estimated to be INR 2, 56,867. Production is considered to take up 60% of the budget .17 % will be used for Transportation and 5% for Registration purposes. Travel Allowance(TA) and Bills would take up another 13% of the total budget. 5% has been allotted for miscellaneous expenses. The expenses of the team cannot be met by the funds allotted by SAC; hence the team ZON looks forward to meeting the expenses through contributions of every member and sponsorships from Industries and other organisations. The team has received confirmation of sponsorship from NTPC until the month of October.


The design of the vehicle has been prepared and the team will submit the design report on 5th of November. Since the design and cost analysis is over, the next logical step is to move on to purchase of raw materials for manufacturing. The team required a HUB motor as part of the vehicle. However, the unavailability of the motor of required specifications in India has prompted the team to procure it from outside the country, which is an arduous task in itself. Another major glitch is that the lack of space in the Central Workshop renders working of two manufacturing teams difficult. The manufacturing of automobiles of the Team Roadrunner and Team Black Mamba Racing are in progress and Team ZON could begin manufacturing only after they finish.

ESVC 2018 is scheduled for March 2018. Despite all odds, Team ZON 3.0 aims at achieving feats in the event and inch a step ahead in harnessing green energy for a better and brighter future. Monday Morning wishes that the Team ZON achieves its goals and sets new standards in the student community of engineering.


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