Yash Shah Ankit Kumar Panda | Oct 31, 2017

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The Leo Club of NIT Rourkela organised the eighth edition of its flagship event- ‘The Rhapsody’ on 29th October 2017. Featuring an array of events, it was successful in attracting students from the age group of 8 to 17 years. The main reason for conducting Rhapsody every year is that it acts as a fundraiser for the club’s community service projects in Rourkela.

On a beautiful Sunday morning of 29th October, the club members, as well as the participants, gathered with great enthusiasm for this extravaganza. Registrations for the events began as early as 6:30 AM in the morning. The students were divided into groups of three according to their classes of study, this being done to ensure a fair and unbiased competition. The events were held in different rooms of the Lecture Avenue complex. The young talented vocalists mesmerized the crowd with their singing whereas the instrumentalists played some soothing music for the ears. On the other hand, there was a vast audience for witnessing the solo dance. Other events such as debate, elocution, 60 seconds to frame, face painting, cooking without fire made sure that the participants had a busy day. The young brains were put to the test in competitions such as Quiz, Science Exhibition, Spell bee, Chess. The dazzling colors were spread on the white sheet by the young talented hands in the painting competition. In a continuation of its introduction in the previous year, the student ambassador program remained a determining factor behind such a massive participation. Leo club provided the privilege to the post holders of other clubs of NITR to become jury members of the various events taking place in Rhapsody.

Leo in a special privilege had given free participation to the students of REC school. Another commendable fact was the cleanliness maintained by the club both inside and outside of Lecture Annexure. The club members working hard throughout the day had ensured that no problems were faced by the participants as well as their parents who accompanied them during the event. According to Rhapsody coordinator Ankita Das

Rhapsody is Odisha’s biggest school level festival and its legacy could be maintained only due to the teamwork of the club members. Another factor attracting participation was the huge amount of sharing done on Facebook for Rhapsody.

Later on at evening 7:30 PM, after a delay of an hour, the much awaited Fashion Show and Group Dance performances commenced at the BBA. At the end, Saswat David and Raksha hosted the prize distribution ceremony with the prizes being awarded by Roshni Biswas, president of the Leo club.

This year the best school shield was taken home by Delhi Public School, Rourkela and a maximum amount of participation were seen from the school of Sai Valley.

As per Nishant Kumar Singh, Rhapsody Coordinator,

We are happy to see such a large number of students being enthusiastic for our club’s flagship event. As compared to our past editions, this year we had the largest turnout and would like to see a bigger and better one next year. I would also like to applaud the hard work and efforts of the club members.  

Team MM congratulates Leo Club for having conducted a successful event and also wishes them with best of luck for their future editions of Rhapsody and other events.


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