When Laughter Echoed Above All

When Laughter Echoed Above All

Sweety Shukla | Nov 06, 2017

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The fun-filled evening of Innovision Day 2 began with an outstanding performance by the Synergy which was then followed by large crowds moving along with the rhythms of DJ Deep’s amazing collection of tracks. Complimenting to the non-stop music, fun, and dance, came the Mavericks with their moves so wonderful. Next in line, came Ankita Shrivastav and undoubtedly, she was the ultimate show stopper. The stand-up comedy act by the Delhi girl attracted huge crowds with deafening cheers enveloping Dilip Tirkey Stadium with her arrival on stage.

Ankita Shrivastav aka Filmi Chokri, who started her career in the theatres and then as an actress, has featured in movies such as Sarabjit and Welcome Back. She has modelled for beauty brands such as Safi and Pears soap and has also featured in over fifty television commercials for famous brands such as LG, Dominoes Tacos, KFC and Tata Sky. She is a popular canvas club comedian who has been raised in Odisha, Mumbai and West Bengal.

The Comedy Night with Ankita Shrivastav originally scheduled at 6:45 pm was postponed to 9:15 pm owing to the delay in the arrival of Ankita due to unavoidable circumstances. Nonetheless, the enthusiastic NITR junta was in high spirits and thoroughly cheered and enjoyed the comedy session. With someone needing no formal introduction, she started delivering her witty jokes and gags and in no time, laughter had contagiously spread across the audience. She talked about people from the North, South and from various nooks and corners of India. Then she said about how she had been raised in Rourkela, experiences in the Mumbai local trains, the Engineering Community and so on. She also mentioned that she too had pursued engineering and humorously talked about what she is doing now as a stand-up comic. Her lines, “After Engineering, we all realize that either we can be jokes or we can write jokes” cracked up the crowd.

Ankita maintained an amazing atmosphere with her jokes and bursts of laughter continuously roared in the background throughout her 30 minutes’ performance.

Team Monday Morning got the opportunity to have a small conversation with her. On asking her why she chose the profession of stand-up comedy, she replied:

Stand up happened because I was involved in a lot of theatres and theatres are such a place that once you perform a play, you don’t stick to that; you improve yourself and keep interacting with a different audience. So, stand-up came out of that. A lot of my plays were comedy based and I never did the same things again. I had stories to tell, so many of them! If I had more time here, I could have narrated my story of twelve hours of travel to Rourkela for Innovision! Hence, through stand-up, I found my way of telling my stories.

Quoting her feedback about the response of NITR populace:

Well, the crowd was nice; the people were supportive. It started out really well. There were certain sections that I thought the audience won’t be able to understand; however, I was glad to see that almost everybody could comprehend those. I have come back to Rourkela almost after a decade and I had a really good time here!

The Innovision Pro Show Day 2, ended on a wonderful note with the audience having a good hearty laugh and unlimited fun. Team Innovision definitely deserves to be applauded for ensuring absolutely nil technical and managerial hassles and for having carried out the entire event in a successful manner!


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