Trading for glory @ Market-o-Mania

Trading for glory @ Market-o-Mania

Animesh | Nov 06, 2017

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One of the most popular fun events of this Innovision, Market-o-Mania was conducted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of NIT-R on Sunday at LA-317. The event saw quite a high participation and an electric atmosphere of bargaining, mock-trade, and deliberations by the contestants. The event saw a major delay initially mostly due to teams not turning up at the scheduled time, but later the turnout was almost tumultuous and contestants came up even after the start of the event only to be sent back. The first event particularly saw a lot of excitement as participants rushed along the corridors of LA for the answers to the 1st round, and members guiding them.

The Game

The contest involved an application of the general knowledge, IQ, speed, accuracy as well as some convincing and marketing skills of the contestants. The contestants were divided into groups of 2 or 3, and they played 3 rounds. The first one was an elimination round where written questions were asked and teams hunted down codes corresponding to the answers all over the corridors of LA. Based on the correct code entries, first 8 teams were selected for the subsequent main rounds. In the second round, paper currency and stocks of distinct items were provided to the team and they were required to trade or barter with them as profitably as possible. Based on the outcome of this round, the teams played the final judgment round, where they had to reacquire all the distinct items given to them earlier keeping the maximum amount of cash possible. The top 2 teams at the end of this 3rd round were adjudicated the winners. One outside team and one team from NITR received the honors having gained the maximum amounts.

The event ended with much fun and frolic albeit some shortages in requirement (which restricted the number of qualifications for the 2nd round), as pointed out by the SAC Event Coordinator Sourabha Sahoo. Anyways the teams contested intensely to make the event a grand success. According to the Club Event Coordinator Shashank Dash,

“The event was very well received by the participants and all the teams and volunteering club members worked actively and with great zeal towards making this year’s event of E-Cell a grand success.”

The winners were announced at the end of the event at 4:30 pm and members and winners exchanged graces and clicked winning pictures before moving on to other events.


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