A Splendid Battle: RUSH HOURS by SPAWN

A Splendid Battle: RUSH HOURS by SPAWN

Saumya Agarwal | Nov 06, 2017

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SPAWN, a club which strives to create an environment of programming in NIT Rourkela by gathering people with skills in the field of Security, Programming, Android, Web Design and Networking - (hence its name)

SPAWN conducts classes almost throughout the year on various courses like Data Structure, competitive coding, and programming languages for the NITR students thereby proving itself as an active club of NITR. Other than organizing classes and workshops throughout the year, this INNOVISION’17 they successfully conducted an enthralling event in LA Lawns namely “ RUSH HOURS”.

On 4th November, the event started at 10:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m thereby selecting 10 teams out of 30 in the second round. The event was a bit delayed due to the untimely supply of necessary requirements like cardboard, etc.

The first round was a pen fighting event with definite gameplay and rules. It was a 2 vs 2 in the team. Arena had 2 goal posts and all the players needed to follow the mentioned sequence while striking the ball. Twenty-five points were awarded for a goal, and 5 was deducted for any foul. Total points at the end of the match decided the winner.  A list of all types of fouls was clearly mentioned in the gameplay. An equal number of points at the end of the match resulted in a penalty shootout.

The second round was held from 2:30 p.m to 5 p.m on the same day. There were three individual tasks and two were group tasks. The group which completed first got 100 points and next got 90 points and so on.

Round three was held at the same venue on the next day, i.e 5th November from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. Teams which qualified Round 2 participated in an auction aimed at finding the optimal solution for the problem statement given to them. They were judged on the basis of how many problems they solved. The team who emerged victoriously and stood first comprised of Shashank Mohapatra, Sachin Sahu, and Subhendu K Sahoo.

According to the experiences of co-ordinators of the event, Naman, and Prashansa Panda,

“ Conducting the event was super fun although we face few issues with the requirements. We even had to return few teams who had come to participate in round one.”

Under the able leadership of the President, Manisha Behera, the event was hassle free and almost on schedule. Team MM wishes luck to all the future aspirations of the club.



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