A Startling Encounter of Bots: DEATH RACE 6.O

A Startling Encounter of Bots: DEATH RACE 6.O

Saumya Agarwal | Nov 06, 2017

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The Death Race event, conducted by the Cyborg club every year witnessed its 6th edition in INNOVISION’17. It can be easily voted as the most thrilling and stimulating event of this years’ technical fest diverting maximum audience. The much-awaited flagship event was held on 4th and 5th November at Student Activity Centre.  

This year a whopping number of participants were registered, 400 approximately. The competition was tough since top 16 teams had to be shortlisted in the first round. Like always, bots faced few obvious technical glitches owing to the nature of competition. The registration started at about 9:30 AM, and the first round of the event commenced at around 12 noon. A huge rush was gathered both of the participants and audience around the bamboo stick boundary of the gaming arena while the participating teams checked and perfected their bots. The event commenced with an exhilarating quadcopter exhibition, made by the Cyborg team which further raised spirits of the crowd mustered in SAC.

For the first round, two teams’ bot had to race together in the arena made with the combination of concrete, ground, sand, gravel, and plywood. The bots had been made as per the size specification mentioned already in the rules, ranging from its size to voltage requirement. Maximum participants allowed in each team was four. An extra power supply point was set up outside the arena for the teams to check the working of their bots before entering the track.

The event witnessed a huge crowd, cheering the exhilarated performance by the bots. Each one chose his own bot to support. The most spectacular part of the first round was a soccer game played by the bots in the middle of the track. An enlivened commentary was done simultaneously which kept the audience gripped to the game. There were about six members of the Cyborg club around the track who acted as timekeepers as well as kept noting points for each bot. Thus, the first day successfully came to an end at about 8 PM with sheer hard work by the coordinators and club members. A total of 16 teams were selected from the first round to compete in the second round.

On having a candid talk with the coordinators, Abhinav Kothari and Sandipan Sen,

“ It was a learning experience for us as well. The preparations started a month back itself, supervised by our club seniors. Not many issues were faced, except with few requirements which we ourselves had to look after just before the event. We want to extend special thanks to our mentor, Soumya Gourab, without whose guidance it would not have been possible to conduct this event.”

The next round was even more exciting. The track had hurdles, steep slope and the best part of it was the fire tandoor which grabbed the huge attention of the masses. The water pool was just next to the fire tandoor after a few obstacles. Another quadcopter exhibition at around 6 PM was held at the same place.

After quarterfinals and finals, the event came to end with the declaration of the winners and runner-ups namely DTR 112 from ITER and DTR 81 from VSSUT, Burla.

Thus Death Race 6.0 was organized successfully under the able leadership of club President, Abhijeet Behera, with the help of zealous organizers and enthusiastic team of Cyborg. Team MM wishes success to all the future endeavors of the team.



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