Releasing your Inner Child: Skyfi

Releasing your Inner Child: Skyfi

Sahithi Ravipati | Nov 06, 2017

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Everyone has had some sort of a fascination with a boomerang at some point of their life. No. This is not the Instagram related Boomerang. This is the kind of Boomerang that Mowgli used to throw and the kind our ancestors would use to hunt. It is the one that comes right back to you after you throw it.

The Skyfi Workshop was conducted by the Udaan Club at LA 301 on the 5th of November. The workshop was scheduled to start at 9:30 AM. Although the setup of the workshop was finished on time, the workshop had to be delayed by an hour due to the lack of participants at that time. The workshop saw a total participation of twelve members. These participants were a mix of students from NITR and other colleges. The workshop went on until 1 PM.

The workshop started out with the participants being given a basic introduction to what a Boomerang is and how its usage has changed over the years. They were told about how its initial purpose was to hunt animals when humans did not have the knife and other tools. They were also shown how the principles of Physics apply to this simple device. After the power point presentation was over, participants were provided with Balsa wood. With the help of the club members, the participants were able to make their very own boomerang.

When speaking to the coordinator, Niki, she said that they didn’t run into any major problem.

One problem that we faced was that the connector between the laptop and projector was not working. Initially, we could not show the presentation because of this. When we contacted the Innovision team, the conveners came any helped us fix the problem in a span of a half an hour. After that, everything went smoothly.

Team MM congratulates Udaan on the success of their event.


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