An Exhibition by the Potentates of Art: Srijan 3.0

An Exhibition by the Potentates of Art: Srijan 3.0

Manisha Rath | Nov 06, 2017

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Srijan 3.0, the exhibition organised by Society for Students of Planning and Architecture (SSPA); a club that comprises of all students in the Dept. of Planning and Architecture and registered under the Technical Society; was inaugurated on 3rd November by the Chief Warden Prof. Manoranjan Barik at R.M Exhibition Hall in the presence of the H.O.D and other professors from the Department of Planning and Architecture. This was a proud moment for NITR to showcase the amazing work by the passionate architects. This exhibition had aroused the interest of the NITR junta and was successfully coordinated by Subham Kumar Sahu and Akash Kumar. The exhibition was open for two days i.e. 4th and 5th November from 6 pm to 9 pm. It witnessed a huge gathering praising the fine work of the diligent and zealous architects of NIT Rourkela. The onlookers were pleased and gratified with the manifested piece of arts.

The entrance of the exhibition was gracefully decorated with a well-lit bamboo structure. The idea was on free standing. Besides it, a model of VS Hall was displayed in the exhibition and it attracted a huge audience. This model was made after 7 days of strenuous work by Prateek and Rohith from the pre-final year with the help of four other members. Then a fascinating model of the Patronus was rooted at the center. This model left the spectators awestruck. It was made by Ch.Jagan Kumar from final year. The model was inspired by Harry Potter series. He used geometrical shapes to give this model an alluring view. A setup made from ice cream sticks was another amusing work by the architects. The students of Department of Planning and Architecture had been working hard in the last few weeks doing extra shifts at night to make this exhibition a colossal success.

Team MM caught up with the coordinators of the event to know about their experience in Innovision 2k17. On being asked about the difficulties they faced while regulating the event they responded as follows:

We faced difficulties in getting the requirements. The Innovision team did not supply all the necessary requirements in time and at the end, we had to buy the things with the assurance of reimbursement by Team Innovision. In spite of all these the technical VPs and conveyors stood up with us in our struggle and helped us making this extravaganza a grand success.


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