Tango to the tunes: DJ NIGHT

Tango to the tunes: DJ NIGHT

Manisha Rath | Nov 07, 2017

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Innovision, a unique and mighty fest for the technocrats, attracts a lot of students from all around India every year. The elephantine campus of NITR echoes with the hullabaloo of the students. It fills with the positive and energetic vibes. NITR Junta had a lot of expectations from Innovision 2k17 because of its Digitalization theme and the novel idea of Innovision Social Regime.

Yesteryears have revealed that fests at NITR are incomplete without the DJ Nights, probably because they have always been a wellspring of gaiety, energy and celebration for the NITR Junta. Even after participating and coordinating throughout the day in the fun frolic events of Innovision the NITR Junta never fails to amuse the spectators. On 4th November again it was the time for festivity for all the students after a day-long frenzied schedule. The DJ Night commenced at 7 pm at Dilip Tirkey Stadium. The crowd was eagerly looking forward to tango to the tunes of DJ Amandeep’s caboodle. NITR Junta flipped, swung, and twisted to the tunes of the music. As time passed in the haze of the flickering lights, and the reverberating music, a crowd of around 1500 students was intensely enjoying the DJ’s jingle. The DJ Night ended at around 9 pm. The NITR crowd wanted the continuance of the DJ Night, but there is always an end to every alluring thing so did the DJ Night.

After the conclusion of the DJ Night Team MM caught up with DJ Amandeep to know about his experience. On being asked about his experience as a part of Innovision 2k17 and about the response of the crowd he said :

It’s a pleasure to be a part of Innovision 2k17. I would love to be a part of the other feasts of NITR . The response of the crowd was amazing and far beyond my expectations. It was a very energetic and enthusiastic crowd.


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