Eliciting the Aesthetics: Iridescence 4.0

Eliciting the Aesthetics: Iridescence 4.0

Niharika | Nov 13, 2017

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Innovision 2017 witnessed a myriad of events, exhibitions, and workshops which enthralled the viewers with its abstract, execution, and innovation. Iridescence, an art and digital exhibition by Design Tab enraptured the spectators with its exquisite creations and innovative ideas.

The exhibition was put up in Rajendra Mishra Hall and was scheduled to be inaugurated by Mr Arvind Pani at 6 pm on 4th November. But due to delay in his schedule, the exhibition was inaugurated 1 hour late, after which it was left open for all the students. The art and digital exhibition showcased a multitude of digital designs ranging from illustrations, photoshop based designs, photo manipulation, digital arts and fine arts. A plain sketch was created at first and then it was illustrated with various kind of effects to make it more real alike. This edition of Iridescence has concentrated upon various themes like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, to which the visitors easily connected. There were marvellous creations which paid homage to Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Apart from the mainstream themes, a section of “If Departments were Humans” was showcased and people had to guess the departments from the illustrations which had significant elements in it. It encompassed both humours as well as artistic endowment and was a total hit. One of the biggest attraction of the exhibition was the “Iron Throne” which was made by the Design Tab members to complement with the Game of Thrones theme. Another marvellous attraction of Iridescence included the Virtual Reality (VR) section which left the viewers awe-struck. A section of the gallery was also dedicated to the Product Designing which is the mainstream aspect of Designing course.

The members of the club worked really hard to ensure that the fourth version of this exhibition surpasses the previous three editions. However, there were a few glitches on the part of the authorities which resulted in minor mismanagement. As the work was too much, Design Tab members requested the RM Hall to be available to them before a week yet the authorities did not comply with them and they received the RM Hall 3 days before the inauguration of the exhibition. Though, the requirement team provided most of the requisites for the exhibition yet there were certain things which could not be rendered at the last minute.

Despite all the hurdles, the members of Design Tab managed the Exhibition extremely well and fascinated the viewers with their innovative and artistic creations. Team MM congratulates Design Tab family for having hosted a successful exhibition and wishes them good luck in all their future endeavors.


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