The Panomaric Spectacle: Radiance

The Panomaric Spectacle: Radiance

Nupur Mohapatra | Nov 13, 2017

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Amidst all the events, Innovision 2k17 was also jam packed with some beautiful displays of art. The vibrant displays and the awe inspiring ensembles served as a feast for the eyes. The members of the club Akriti also put up their own set of displays on board at the Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall collectively naming them as Radiance.

The members of Akriti club had put up an exquisite show using rangoli, pen art, pastels, water colours and much more. The theme for their exhibition bordered on Indian Culture and Tradition. The use of threads created an enrapturing effect and was a unique idea. Their graffiti displaying a mini version of India was also alluring and showcased the amount of effort that must have been put into its making. The graffiti put into picture the various metro cities in India, the sensational Bollywood, the attention seeking IPL matches and much more. The myriad paintings and drawings all put into the limelight the prowess of the artists and truly captured the essence of being portrayed in an art exhibition. The picturesque exhibits were given an authentic touch with the rangoli which reached out for a stunning appearance owing to the use of vibrant colours. There were art depictions even which spoke about the culture of Odisha.

Though they managed to put up a good show there were several stumbles in their path. The members of the club had difficulty in procuring requirements needed for the exhibition. They could have done with better lighting facilities to feature their art pieces against a better backdrop. As the President of Akriti Sushant Prajapati mentions:

The supply of benches and boards were not adequate. Our exhibits also suffered from space crunch. Allotment of a greater expanse could have served the purpose well.

All together their veritable efforts paid off and the authenticity of their exhibits drew the audience it.The beautiful Indian culture was well represented in the myriad art forms and the aesthetic display was more than pleasing.


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