Delineating Eminent Artwork

Delineating Eminent Artwork

Niharika Dalai | Nov 13, 2017

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Every unstained wall has its own concealed tale embedded in itself and presented in the form of fine art by skilled artists. Following the same string, the Graffiti painted on the SAC walls depicted the theme of INNOVISION’17-Digitalization in the form of art that portrayed the connecting link between technology and individuals.

Chitraang, the Graffiti club of NITR geared up to the top level to present this year's theme in the form of Power of Digitalization. The major attraction this year was the use of glow-in-the-dark paints ant the painting of the working QR code which was drawn very precisely by one of the members of Chitraang Vamsi Krishna. The team began their work by first painting a girl wearing 3-D VR Headsets on the right side of the wall which was followed by the scripting of the text ‘INNOVISION’ at the center of the wall. A few elements which included the icons of frequently used messaging and image sharing applications like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc were drawn below the text. After completion of all the separate elements, the background painting and final finishing were done. The final finishing touch was given at the end by the use of fluorescent paints.

An entire team of 25 members worked really hard to complete this workpiece within 3-4 days. One of the problems that the team faced was getting the lights around SAC shut down during the night time so that the use of glow-in-the-dark paints could be effectively noticed. According to the president of Chitraang club, Armaan Sahoo:

This time the theme was digitalization and we wanted to show the advancement in the field of technology and communication. Most of the people do not know that this time we have used glow-in-the-dark paints to complete the art piece.

Team MM congratulates the club for putting up such an amazing workpiece and hopes that every time the team comes up with ideas that stands up to everyone’s expectations.


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