Rohit Dash | Nov 13, 2017

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Amidst the crowd of more than 1500 outsiders and the entire NITR junta, all of whom had gathered for INNOVISION 2K17, several different bags of tastes were obvious and to cater to their tastes, this Techno-Management fest provided the crowd with a wide array of events to make sure everyone had something to feast on.

Among the participants of Innovision, it was expected to have a lot of automobile-enthusiasts so why not offer them something from one of the best student SAE chapters, that is in NITR. Thus the 2 teams of SAE, FSAE & BAJA collectively carried out the car show, showcasing their latest models in making and along with that was there an AUTO QUIZ, which was basically a platform where the participants would display their knowledge and update their database about cars, branding and their technicalities in general.

The AUTO QUIZ was conducted on Sunday morning (5th November), the final day of INNOVISION. It began at around 9:30 am with a delay of 30 minutes from the scheduled time.

This event saw pretty decent turnout, as the fest final day fatigue had kicked in. Moreover as most of the events of the day were either conducted in LA or in SAC so the location of this event, that was in front of the workshop came out to be a bit of disadvantage. Also, a lack of publicity of the events was cited as one of the reasons for the lukewarm response. The coordinators of the club also cited the unavailability of flex & posters from the INNO team, which resulted in lack of publicity thus terminating the hopes for a better turnout.

Ashimansu Das, president of SAE and also one of the coordinators of the event highlighted the lack of coordination from the INNOVISION team towards conduction of events like these.The items necessary for this event like benches & pens for the participants wasn’t provided by the coordinators of INNOVISION.The benches were arranged from the Mechanical Department and the pens for the participants was brought In by the club members as they were refused by the INNO team.

Even with all the aforementioned adversaries, this event was successful enough to gather a participation of 62 odd students who were curious enough to go through all the 3 stages of the quiz and some even stayed back asking more about the vehicles in the display.

All in all, the event was a success with the car enthusiasts turning up to participate in the quiz and participated in all the 3 levels that included logo guessing and even technical questions, but the fact that this event could have been a better success had the faults and mismanagement been rectified, can’t be denied.


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