Nov 13, 2017 | Samikshya

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Like every year, the Technical Society of NIT Rourkela ushered the “INNOVISION” fever into Eastern India which drew an overwhelming amount of participation. The festival was held during the first week of November and team MM being the official student media body of the campus steered a poll among the NITR mass to inculcate their views regarding the fest.

“Around 55% of NITR populace believed that the fest was splendid and was conducted very smoothly.”

Despite the delay in elections of fest convenors, the popularity, and organization of INNOVISION wasn’t marred. The elected body for the fest put in their best endeavors to help the fest reach greater heights. Lots of exciting events, informative workshops, and splendid exhibitions were conducted and eminent speakers were invited to create an aura of technical knowledge. Certain fun events were also held to humor the participants. As the days bathed in technical events, the nights had a laser show, a Euphony concert, a comedy night, dance performances, an EDM night and a DJ night, all of which were scheduled to provide all the necessary fun.

“However, about 34% of NITR populace complained that the events were marred by delays and weren't up to the mark as compared to previous year.”

It is quite obvious that such a huge fest might not appeal to every single spectator and a certain section of the crowd would notice certain glitches in the organization of it. The number of events, workshops, and exhibitions was very large and as the entire fest was designed within a tight schedule, a few mistakes seemed unavoidable. However, a few events were delayed and the participants had to change their schedule owing to the mismanagement of the organizing team. Yet, this remark by the honest audience would definitely help the Technical society to get rid of these mistakes in the next chapter of INNOVISION in the coming year.

“Sadly 11% of NITR populace didn’t attend the fest.”

Maybe few students didn’t find the fest interesting enough to attend and with the end-semesters approaching very close, they might have chosen to stay back and proceed with their studies rather than basking in the festive mood.

Despite certain disappointments and glitches, the entire fest might not have been successful without the earnest efforts of the entire organizing team supporting the fest.

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