Initiating Imitation : Cine-Charades

Initiating Imitation : Cine-Charades

Rohit Dash | Nov 13, 2017

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While the entire NITR was going gaga over the technical events, brainstormed with the guest lectures and workshops, but where was the necessary relief. It was this void which was to be filled and so Cinematics, the official short film making club of NITR came up with a “fun” event called Cine-Charades, a tweaked version of dumb-charades. In this event, participants or the group of friends would come and pick up a chit leading up to a popular movie, character or anything famous in the cine-world, thus initiating the guessing game where one of them would be made aware of the contents of the chit and he/she would enact something to make this content public to their fellow friends.

This event was held on the final day (Sunday) of Innovision, at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering lawns. With a perfect location in place, close proximity to Student Activity Centre(SAC) and Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium(BBA), this event enjoyed the overwhelming response from the crowd.The event saw a total participation of 231 students and their response was overwhelming. In a candid with one of the participants, Mrinal Chaudhury, she was quoted saying

They took the game of family evenings and transformed it into a fest worthy game.

The crowd remained distributed over the bloated length from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, but a 30 minute delay meant the event commenced a bit late. This was one of the popcorn munching event where any friends groups could come and share a flavour of laughter through the event.

At around noon, the entire crew of organisers conducted this event while moving around the campus, they moved on from CS lawns to SAC, then towards the Central Workshop and back to CS lawns, this was done so that they could ask random people to participate and garner more audience.

While the event was a success in terms of participation and the participant's reactions, the coordinators of the events had faced certain problems, regarding the overall arrangements made for the event in contrast to the requirements.

As informed by the coordinators, Thota Rohith & Rupesh Kumar,

For the first hour of the initiation of the event we didn’t see any participation, courtesy -no mics or loudspeakers.We kept on nagging the organisers for the required items but they kept on blaming us for not mentioning it in the first place, so we had to arrange it ourselves.

Moreover, a common issue that plagued the events of Innovision was lack of offline publicity as the posters could not be seen as they were meant to be. Also looking at the positive points, one of them would be the location allotted was well placed and strategic enough as it enjoyed the crowd from SAC and BBA alike.

Overall the conduction of the event was good barring a few glitches. Team MM congratulates the Cinematics club on the smooth conduction of the event.


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