Smart Cities By Smarter People

Smart Cities By Smarter People

Swaha Swayamsiddha | Nov 15, 2017

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With countries all over the world, moving towards smartening up their cities and people, India too isn't left behind. In keeping with India's Smart City mission, calling upon the Department of Civil Engineering's knack for planning and optimisation, and staying true to the INNOVISION's theme of Digitalization and Social Regime, the CEST club of NITR organized a three-hour long event, christened ‘The Smart City Convention’.

The event was pretty straightforward; the participating teams came prepared with their ideas and plans for a Smart City. The plan should handle major issues and have some mandatory parameters like urban planning, water and waste management, security and safety, IT and communication, clean energy, smart environment and smart buildings, for a hypothetical population of near about 50,000 people.

The event started at around 10 AM and ended at 12.30 PM. It was held in LA 201 on the third day of the fest; 5th of November. The teams were judged by Sambit Beura and Ashis Kumar Pattnaik, two research scholars from NITR, who are currently pursuing their degrees in Doctorate in Transportation Engineering. Seven teams, with a maximum of three participants each, participated in this event all of whom got fifteen minutes to explain their work. The next five minutes was followed by the judges asking the contestants a few questions to answer. Points were awarded if the presentation included architectural drawings, artist’s renditions, sketches, 3D views and textual detailing, and deducted if the contestants exceeded the time limit.

Prem Mehta and Shivani Krishnachoudhuri bagged the Winner’s title. Their plan contained extensive ideas which they explained well. They were followed by Subhasis Rath, Bedank Agarwal and Sunit Sunlip at the second position. While the team coming second did a wonderful job covering a wide range of ideas which they explained well; they exceeded the time limit and were marked in negative.

The event went smoothly except for a few problems like loose projector connections and non-availability of a microphone. The event ended in time and the participants thought it to be a stirring and knowledgeable experience.



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