Standing Tall : M.S Swaminathan Hall Review

Standing Tall : M.S Swaminathan Hall Review

Amlan Arman Sandeepan Mohanty | Nov 20, 2017

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The M.S. Swaminathan Hall of Residence is a home to nearly 450 boarders. This year nearly 120 sophomores from all courses and all branches were accommodated in the hall. The second-year students from the  B.Tech, B.Tech/M.Tech Dual Degree and Int. MSc curriculum were accommodated on the ground and first floor of D block while the rooms in the rest of the blocks were allotted to third, fourth and fifth-year students from the various curriculum. Apart from the allotments, there are some issues and problems that the boarders of the hall have been facing. Team MM takes a sneak-peek into these issues and finds out more.


The total budget proposed by the Warden for this academic session is INR 10,94,400. This is a tentative budget and is yet to be approved by the Chief Warden. The distribution of the budget is as follows:



Amount (in INR)


Salary for 12 months + 1-month bonus of the Caretaker of the hall ( INR 13,627 per month)



Salary of 12 months + 1-month bonus of Hall Assistant ( Rs 1,000 per month)



Garden Maintenance ( INR 14,000 per month)



Salary of cycle stand security ( INR. 9,368 per month)



Hall Maintenance



Newspaper + Magazine



Study Room



Garden Feast + Hall Day



Celebration of Aug 15 and Jan 26



Celebration of Diwali and Holi



Sports and Games








Satiating the Taste Buds

Day and Night Canteen

The MSS Hall of Residence has a very good day-canteen which caters to the hunger of the borders while the night canteen caters to the midnight cravings of the residents. The night canteen, unfortunately, does not have a fixed rate chart for the various items that they sell.

K.R. Patel Cafeteria

There has been a major change in the quality of food being served in the mess. The mess food was unpalatable since August but in the last one month, the standards have increased enormously but there are again some loopholes which the mess secretary, Marella Naresh, discussed in lengths about this:

During the last HMC, I directly talked with the Director about the degrading quality of the mess food. He took a note of this issue and had come to the mess personally to investigate the matter. The mess officials were scolded for their careless attitude and were warned against giving such quality of food. After this incident, the quality of mess food has increased.

The warden of MSS hall of Residence has even kept a complaint register for the borders to file their complaints. The register is being checked every evening and the problems are being sorted out as soon as possible.

Infrastructure and Amenities

Cycle Stand

The cycle stand of the hall seems to be in a good condition. There have been no cases of thefts reported in the recent past. The Warden has even ordered the cycle stand security guard to clean the cycle stand every week and to be there personally to help the students in filling air in the cycles. The cycle stand pump has also been repaired to facilitate the boarders and avoid chaos at peak times.


There have been persistent problems in the water department of every hostel. MSS Hall has 13 water coolers and all the coolers are in perfect working condition. However, there have been erratic maintenance and cleaning. These irregularities will be further checked extensively along with the inculcation of new Swach Bharat Abhiyan Projects according to the Warden, Prof. Surajit Das. The Swach Bharat Abhiyan has allocated a budget of 3 crores for all the halls. This money will be utilised to buy new water coolers and some of it will be added to the maintenance budget.

HAIF Usage

All the rooms of the hall have been provided with curtains, the procurement of which occurred last year.

Stationery Store

The hall has its own stationery store for the convenience of the boarders. The store keeps all the stationary related stuff like pen, copy, lab records, stapler, rulers, graphs, etc. The store also has a Xerox machine and a computer for printouts. The store falls short on demand on certain occasions but caters to the urgent need of the hostellers.

Maintenance and Pest Issues

There is very nominal pest issue persisting at MSS Hall of Residence. There were several reports of insects in rooms. The Warden quoted:

They are seasonal insects and will soon go away. Apart from that, the maintenance at MSS is good enough to avoid any sort of insect nuisance.

Cleanliness Issues

The corridors and bathrooms are being cleaned every day. However,  the rooms were not being cleaned on a regular basis, but for the past couple of weeks are being cleaned every week. The cleaning staff even maintains a record of the room that they have cleaned and reports the same to the maintenance secretary.

The graffiti on the walls seems to be disturbing a lot of students and is surely breaking the decorum of the hostel.

Room Scenario

The sophomores stay on the ground floor and the first floor of the D-block in doubly occupied rooms. Other boarders stay in single rooms. The lighting is good in every room. The rooms haven’t been whitewashed recently and to cater to this need the warden has decided to circulate a mail regarding the issue. The boarders will need to vacate their rooms in December for whitewashing. Double seater rooms have only one LAN port.

Ablution Area

The bathrooms are well-maintained and are being cleaned regularly. Apart from a few things, all the basic amenities have been found to be functional.

The care-taker himself investigated each and every bathroom and fixed all the geysers, mirrors and basins. But still, the exhaust fan is missing from a couple of bathrooms. The mirror in the toilet of the ground floor of D-Block lies in a broken state.

Water and Power Supply

Accounting recent power cuts, the Warden, Prof. Surajit Das is quoted saying,

The idea of having generators for the hostels was pitched in a meeting with the Chief Warden but the proposal couldn’t be materialized because of insufficient funding. The power backup was supposed to be given during exam times only. No such situation did arrive after that and the power backup, for the time being, has been discontinued.


At present there are only two badminton courts, the courts are well-lit and well-maintained but  both the nets in the court have large holes within them

Talking about the plans on purchasing new nets for the badminton court, the Warden said that the purchases are being made through GeM after the recent circular regarding the purchase procedure, so he is still confused about the procedure to make the purchase. He told Team Monday Morning that he will discuss the matter with the Chief-Warden and make the purchase soon enough

The Warden plans on new developments in the hall by upgrading the courts.

General Secretary’s Statement

Team Monday Morning spoke to Jainendra Singh, the general secretary of the hall regarding the various problems and he quoted:

All the problems of the boarders are being taken care by the Warden. We are trying our level best to provide the boarders a comfortable stay in the hostel.

The Assistant Warden, Prof. Gokarneswar Sahoo quoted,

There are plans to build a basketball and volleyball ground between the B and C block of the halls. However, the approval might need some time considering the discipline of the boarders. No damage can be expected. Apart from this, a snooker table is in the list of procurements which will be set up near the table tennis arena in ground floor of D-Block.

Overall, the MSS Hall of Residence has improved significantly in all the above-mentioned aspects and Team MM hopes that it continues to do so in the future.


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