Of Successes and Setbacks: Innovision 2K17

Of Successes and Setbacks: Innovision 2K17

Innovision 2K16 bid adieu with the slogan ‘Level Up’ and staying true to its spirit, Innovision 2K17 signed in after truly levelling up in all its aspects. The mega techno-management fest marked its beginning on the 3rd of November 2017 and culminated on 5th of November 2017. The most striking aspect of Innovision 2017 was the evident increase in the participation. The number of students participating in Innovision 2016 was 1,251 which shot up to a substantial 1,476 in the year 2017 forcing the team to close registrations 16 hours prior to the event, thus ensuring accommodation to all participating individuals. However, organising an event of the scale of Innovision 2017 renders it inevitable that glitches will arise. An event cannot be considered culminated unless and until it is scrutinised and analysed for the betterment of the future events. Team MM caught up with the organisers of Innovision 2017 to analyse the hindrances faced by the participants as well as the organisers to bring about a detailed analysis of the fest to the audience.

Organisation of the Events

The elections for the convenors for the fests were held in the month of October, which left the elected representatives with roughly a month to organise the fest. Convenors Bhagawan Bharat Kumar, Satyaroop Patnaik and VVVD Akhilesh set to work capitulating on the organisational framework and work division of the previous year. Certain major changes in the agenda adopted were as follows:

  • Making the registration and payment process completely online, in order to comply with the decided theme of ‘Digitalization’. This move made the registration a lot more hassle-free, saving a lot of manpower and time. Payments for registration were accepted online, thus sparing any problems associated with late registrations or offline transactions.  

  • Increasing the extensiveness of publicity. The publicity for Innovision 2017 involved members of the Team Innovision visiting the colleges in the city of Bhubaneswar within a day to cover about 50 colleges in the state capital. Hard copies of the posters were sent to many more colleges in the neighbouring states and the online publicity had a wider outreach as well. The huge rise in the participation can be attributed to the outreach of the publicity team, headed by Chandan Barik.
  • Unlike the previous occasions, the website of the Innovision 2017 was designed to be more responsive and faster. The website was the brainchild of Monik Raj and Sudha Priyadarshini, and care was taken to make the user interface as easily comprehensible as possible. Moreover, moulding into the theme of digitalization, all the certificates of the event were also distributed online via the website. A QR code with a link to the website was also put up by ‘Chitraang’ on the SAC wall.

Overview of the Issues

Despite Innovision 2017 being a successful event, certain issues made their presence conspicuous. Starting from the delayed elections to a reduced budget, from a delay in the commencement of the events to a presumably sub-par pro show, INNOVISION 2017 too faced its fair share of problems, Team MM brings you a detailed analysis of the aforementioned issues with the views from the organisers as well as the NITR junta.

Budget Analysis

As compared to last year, there has been a gross decline of INR 5 lakhs in this year’s budget, with an amount of INR 11 Lakhs being allocated for INNOVISION 2017. However, the team was provided with an additional budget of INR 2 Lakhs from the Director’s fund to aid in the preparations. A registration fee of INR 500 was collected from the participants. The sponsorship team raked in a significant amount for the sponsorship with the title sponsor Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)  providing a sum of INR 1 Lakh for the event. The initial budget allocated from SAC had no amount allocated for Pro Shows, citing that fact that INNOVISION is a technical fest for which pro shows were not requisite. The sponsorship and the director’s fund provided were directed for the Pro Shows.

A pictorial representation of the breakup of the budget of Innovision 2017 has been depicted in the following pie-chart.

Exhibition Issues

The exhibitions set up during the fest served as a great way to exhibit knowledge. Despite being successful, few exhibitions did face some problems. Exhibitions like Phoenix and AWalk faced power issues as they were not provided with power when they required it the most. Adding to the exhibitions was also an event Tiburon which faced issues owing to the lack of power supply.

However, upon speaking with the organisers Team MM was informed that Tiburon had contacted the INNOVISION team through third party sources and not directly. The event was provided with the swimming pool and a stall when asked for it. However, the major reason for the unavailability of the power was primarily because of the fact that the INNOVISION team could not use the power outlet boards.

The AWalk exhibition was provided with a stall near SAC where there was a provision for power but since the process took time, they had to face issues. Phoenix Robotix, on the other hand, weren’t provided with power when they asked for it. The exhibition coordinators were provided with a stall which had no power supply. 

The exhibitions manager, Abel Mathew was quoted saying,

When we contacted the Phoenix Robotix company, they had told us that they would be requiring a desktop which we managed to arrange. But when they had arrived, they didn’t ask for the power which was why we gave them a stall at the BM-BT parking lot. There was no initial request for a power supply. But arrangements were made as soon as the request came in. 

Workshop Issues

The various workshops conducted during the fest acted as a great tool impart knowledge as well. However, problems associated with their schedule and location were also reported during the course of the fest.  

GIT, YouTube Film-making, and Android Workshop by Spawn were some of the workshops that reported complications at the last moment, with problems ranging from last minute relocation to the absence of audio-visual aids. Workshops like Chem-E-Car and Microtales were cancelled as well. However, the INNOVISION team clarified that although a lot of requests were received very late, a lot of them were resolved with utmost priority. 

Talking about the Ansys and GIT workshops, the INNOVISION team clarified that these workshops hadn’t intimated them about the requirement of speakers. Spawn had received about 500 registrations for the Android Workshop but they were allotted a room in the ECE Dept with a mere accommodating capacity of 100, forcing them to return participants from the workshop. The absence of a mike was also reported by the coordinators. To solve the issue faced by the YouTube filmmaking workshop, the fest convener Satyaroop Patnaik himself brought his own home theatre to cater to the needs of the workshop. This zeal of enthusiasm also reflected in the workshop as it turned out to be one of the most successful workshops of the fest.

The convenor of the fest, Bhagawan Bharat Kumar was quoted saying,

This issue arose because of the problem from the institute side. The Innovision team aren’t provided with the keys of any required room before hand. They are provided on the day of the event. What exactly happened was that, the person in charge of handing over the keys of the ECE seminar hall wasn’t picking up our calls that day and thus we couldn’t use the room. To solve this, we transferred the venue of the workshop to a room in LA where the capacity was larger. We also provided them with the required sound equipment as well.

When asked about the modifications that could be brought up to avoid such glitches,  Dean’s nominee Satyaroop Patnaik had to say,

To avoid such last minute confusions at the last moments, one thing which can be done is invoking the use of a Innovision protocol which involves making a list of all the bookings and permissions (which would be needed) before hand and submitting it to the authorities. It will then be the responsibility of the security officers to get the equipment and will thus ease the work of the Booking and Permission Team.

The Start-up Meet Dilemma

The Start-up Meet was one of the flagship events of INNOVISION 2017 which carried big hopes before the beginning of the fest. However, there was no mention of the time or venue of the same anywhere which reflected in the low number of attendees.

According to the convenors, the reason for this snag was the delay in confirmation by one of the 5 personalities. Owing to the delay in confirmation, the team were not in a position to accurately predict the time and venue of the event.

Satyaroop Patnaik was quoted saying,

When we got the confirmation, we made sure that the helpdesk regularly announces the details of the start-meet. We also sent volunteers to the crowded areas to pass the information regarding the star-up meet. Start-up meets do not attract a large crowd. That is not anybody’s fault. It depends upon the crowd’s choice. Still, there were interested who turned up for the event and stayed for the whole period.

The Dean’s nominee agreed to the fact that improper conveying of the details of the event did play a role in the low attendance of the event which was supposed to house 5 eminent personalities. Finalising the time and appointments before itself could be one of the things which could be done to avoid such glitches


A drop in the number of audiences was witnessed in the pro-show for 4th of November for INNOVISION 2017, with the stand-up comedy for Ankita Srivastava. The show wasn’t very well received by the audience as was observed in the silent dispersal of the crowd, once the performance started, with only a handful performers remaining until the end of the show.

When the issue was raised, this was what Dean’s nominee; Satyaroop Patnaik had to say,

We are convinced with our choice of stand-up comedian. It is a matter of perception. The people are telling that the performance was not up to the mark, while we are satisfied. We cannot ensure that the people are happy. Instead, we can ensure that the event goes well.

Chief mentor, Mayank Mohanty says,

How the artist performs on a particular day depends on the artist. We cannot do anything about that.  All we can do is to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

Moreover, the organisers were in favour of an artist who could render laughter with jokes befitting audience of all age groups. Also, the dignitaries were in favour of a female comedian as there were performances of only male comedians in the past few years. With a budget of mere INR 1,00,000 allocated for the pro-show, calling in Ankita was the best option available under the constraints. 

The performance by Tron Dance group was, however, one of the most remarkable performances of the evening. Tuned to the rhythm of codes, the former participants of India’s Got Talent put up an extraordinary display of light and dance as they charmed the audience with their performance. 


The events of Innovision have always displayed their stature with their creativity and the need to do something new. However, it was observed that a significant section of the crowd was always diverted towards the flagship events like (Death Race, Tread-O-Quest, Robo Sumo, Maze Hunt etc). The participation in these events is always higher than the rest. Speaking to Mayank Mohanty regarding the improvement of the quality of the events, he was quoted saying,

It is the responsibility of the clubs to improvise themselves. All we can do is to request them to improve their quality. It is a request from the organisers to the clubs to provide some incentives to the event. Put prize money. Pull the crowd towards you. We as organisers are only responsible for creating a platform.

The convenor, Bhagawan Bharat Kumar was quoted saying,

The quality of every event is better than every event from the last year. There hasn’t been even 1% drop.

Club Specific Issues

This year, the number of events hosted were plenty. Most of the events were organised successfully and were a hit amongst the participants but a few clubs mentioned the issues they faced during the events and with the INNOVISION team.

Drill and Bass’s performance began an hour behind schedule as advertised.  Another turn-off for the club was the fact that the start time of their show (Trancenation 3.0) was circulated wrongly on all the posters to begin at 5:30 pm. The club members stated that even though they requested the INNOVISION team to rectify the mistake, the organisers were unable to change the same instead suggested that they would announce the right time in every event and exhibition occurring during that time.

When asked about the same, convenor Bhagawan Bharat Kumar clarified that it was the club spokesperson to be blamed for his lapse in communication. He stated that the club received the exact time that it was promised. With regards to the issue of wrongly printed time on the hoarding, no Innovision team member had an appropriate reply and replied that proper announcements were made at regular intervals and that the team tried to help the club in all possible ways.

*Upon further deliberation, Drill and Bass further clarified that they had no issue with regards to the time and the window provided and were happy to be accommodated in the slot provided.

Summing Up

Apart from these minor glitches, Innovision 2017 was undoubtedly a massive hit. On a concluding note, the members of the Innovision Organising team expressed their gratitude towards the seniors and previous year conveners for their efforts. Even though they were faced with various challenges such as last-minute preparations and a very short time span to prepare the quality of the fest turned out to be very good and the way the event finally panned out. Faced with a very close deadline, a very short span of preparation time, the INNOVISION team pulled off one of the finest fest in the recent years.

The convener, Bhagawan Bharat Kumar, was extremely satisfied with his team’s performance and was glad that he was receiving overwhelmingly positive feedbacks regarding Innovision 2k17. He expressed special gratitude to the Vice President’s of the Technical Society, Professor A.K. Swain and Professor S.N. Dash for their support and timely help. 

Team MM congratulates the Innovision 2017 team and the Technical Society, SAC for the commendable success of the fest.



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