The Dawn of Digitalization: Innovision 2K17

The Dawn of Digitalization: Innovision 2K17

NIT Rourkela has always remained at its peak when it comes to ingraining knowledge, over the years. The institute’s annual techno-management fest, Innovision has always justified the above fact. From what can be called a technical creation back in 2004 when it was called Confluence, Innovision went on to become the largest techno-management fest of Odisha and one of the largest in the country. The legacy of this colossal fest was carried forward this year too with Innovision 2017.

The afternoon of 3rd November saw the inauguration of this immensely popular college fest, with people from all parts of the state and beyond pouring in at NITR, to witness the technical extravaganza. NITR was transformed for the sole purpose of conducting this mammoth fest, with no stone left unturned by the organisers to make it a grand success. 

Businesses are turning digital, currency is turning digital; one can even procure or make digital art. With technology touching and entering every sphere of our life, choosing Digitalisation to be the theme of Innovision 2K17 was a striking and discernible idea. Man can try and develop by making strides in science and technology, but this won’t take him anywhere if he doesn’t give back to the society or doesn’t help his society develop and grow for the greater good. To create awareness on this, Innovision 2K17 also focussed on Social Regime alongside wholesome development which will ultimately lead to mankind’s progress.


The first day of the Innovision witnessed a crowd slowly gather at BBA for the inaugural ceremony. The inaugural ceremony which was supposed to start at 3:15 PM got delayed by about 45 minutes. The hosts, John Jimmy, Pausali Pradhan, K Pradhyumna Rao and Ankita Behera gave a warm welcome to the audience. Bouquets were presented to the guests of honor. This was followed by the propitious lighting ceremony by the Dean (Academic) and Acting Director, Prof. K.K Mohapatra, Dean Student Welfare, Prof. Simanchal Panigrahi, SAC President, Prof. Snehasish Chakraverty, Prof. SN Dash, Prof. A.K Swain, student-elected convener Pallaru Bhagwan Bharat Kumar and guest of honor, Mr. Priyadarshi Mohapatra, a notable alumnus of NIT Rourkela. The dignitaries spoke few words of wisdom, thus enriching the audience with their experience and knowledge.

Mr Priyadarshi Mohapatra who is a distinguished technocrat and the Country General Manager of consumer devices at Microsoft India shared the dais as one of the eminent dignitaries and chief guest for the inaugural address. Mr Mohapatra made the interaction a friendly one by asking the audience questions on every-day life involving youth and engineers of today. His words received an equally warm response from the crowd which was seen in the faces of the students.

The event then proceeded to an even more exciting phase, as NITR witnessed the first ever drone show, presented by the organization ‘ Man Of Drones’. The crowd cheered to the peak as they watched the never seen before. Energies arose with the demonstration of the gesture imitating drone, something that could move according to the movement of a person’s palm. Student representatives 

This was followed by the Qawali night, organised by Spic Macay which was scheduled to start at 6 PM but got delayed by an hour. The event attracted a huge lot of audience, the crowd swayed to the melody of the Warsi Brothers.

Eventually, the crowd got dispersed from BBA and proceeded to Dilip Tirkey Stadium where the much-awaited performance of the evening was to be presented. Euphony went live on stage and enthralled the mob with soothing music of "Socha hai" and rocking music of "Despacito" and other great hits. The event came to an end at around 10 PM and was largely applauded by the crowd.


Innovision being the largest tech fest in eastern India had a lot of events lined up for the participants with a large array of events. The events had a fun element as well as a technical element to them as the participants enthusiastically participated in them.

The second day of Innovision played host to the guest lecture of Mr Arvind Pani, a renowned alumnus at the same venue as the commencing part of one of the flagship events of this Innovision—the Startup-Meet or ‘Arthayaan’. Mr Pani, an alumnus of the 1996 batch is currently serving as the co-founder and CEO of Reverie Language Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is his second start-up venture. His talks primarily revolved around the culture and evolution of start-ups, visions, and facts on aspects covering both the youth of the institute and outside.

The events were an amalgamation of fun and learning. The various clubs at NITR had come together to make Innovision a grand success and contributed towards that by organizing many events, workshops, exhibitions, shows, and games. Cyborg’s hugely popular Tread-O-Quest, Robo-Sumo, and Death Race events garnered a large number of footfalls, seeing as these events had home-grown robots from various institutions vying for the top spot. Treasure hunting and cryptic games have grown popular over the years with Innovision 2K17 hosting events like the Maze Hunt, Maneuver, Star Trek and the likes, which have the participants hopping from site to site looking for clues. Other clubs like ASME, CEST and AXIOM, conducted events like Cryptic Hunt, Auto Quiz, Sherlocked in Civil, Jackpot, Omega and Smart City Convention that required one to pickle their brains. Catering to the minds interested in planning, civil engineering, mechanics and architecture, Innovision had Blown Away, Japanese Joinery, City of Smart Clans, Magnetogravitic Roller, Make It or Break It and so much more. For those looking to test their business strategy and managerial skills, there were events like Corporate Roadies, Intelligent Trader, and Market-O-Mania. All in all, Innovision was a feast for the eyes and the minds alike.


The technical fest was not only all about the competitions, but it also highlighted on the spreading of knowledge through various exhibitions being conducted viz. Night Sky Watch held by the Astro club. The display of the quadcopter attracted a massive amount of participants. It was not only about the display and gathering of knowledge; there were few exhibitions such as Iridescence by DesignTab club were a treat to the eye. Not to forget events such as Srijan, Graffiti, and Radiance which attracted a lot of viewers from all across. The other exciting exhibitions were those of Coin and Stamp Expo, Little Science Yard, Rube Goldberg Machine, Caps and Badges. Innovision 2k17 also featured a display of Aero Show, Car Show, and an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV). Supporting the theme of ‘Go Green’ were the exhibitions of Awalk and Phoneix. All in all the exhibits were an amalgamation of art and technology at it’s best.


Workshops brought about enriching experience and knowledge for the participants. Electronics Entrepreneurship workshop witnessed an interactive session with Jay Sharma, notable alumni of NITR who spoke at length about electronics and entrepreneurship as a growing prospect for budding engineers. Workshop on exceptional Ethical Hacking expertise saw Rizwan Shaikh, founder of Pristine InfoSolutions, a Cyber Security company specializing in Ethical Hacking, Information Security Research, and Cyber Crime Consultancy. Exclusive workshop by Justvish, an Odisha based blogger on his journey to fame on YouTube gave the participants a win-win situation. A workshop on Andriod Development was presided over by Rashmi Kanta Das from Java Technocrat. AIChE organized a seminar on global warming and pollution named Chem-E-Car. Model Making workshop demonstrated about planning, designing and generating physical models with exciting forms which follow function.


The dusk of the second day witnessed a mind-blowing performance by DJ- Deep and a hilarious stand-up comedy show by Ankita Shrivastav. The crowd at DTS thoroughly enjoyed themselves until the end and the second day was ended on a happy note.

Drill n Bass(DnB), the EDM and disco club of NITR, began setting the tunes at 6.30 PM in the evening. The crowd, high on energy and enthusiasm danced to their heart's content. DnB tried out different manoeuvres and techniques like crowd-control and the likes, to make the night fun and informative at the same time. The audience called out for their favourite songs and encores as well.

The end of the DnB event saw the inauguration of the SAC website. Created, curated and fostered by the 2k17 Innovision technical team, this website will help students keep a track of all sorts of student activities and also provide other important information. Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas, launched the website and declared the Monday following the Innovision weekend to be a holiday, owing to popular demand. This saw the all present there to erupt in joy and cheer the decision.

This declaration was followed by a stunning performance by the Tron Dance group. Wearing laser infused black suits, the group enthralled the audience by dancing to a number of preppy numbers, in utter darkness. For the remainder of the evening, DJ Aman Deep was called back who had people grooving in no time to the tracks he played.

All in all to say Innovision 2K17 was very successful barring the small delays and the technical glitches in the events. The fest had participants from different parts of the country. With another passing year, Innovision just got bigger and better. Team MM hopes that the legacy of conducting the largest techno-management fest is continued and only the sky is the limit from here on.


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