Tapping To The Beats: Semi Classical Dance Workshop

Tapping To The Beats: Semi Classical Dance Workshop

Niharika | Jan 08, 2018

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Dance is an art. It is an expression of divinity and grace. Dancing is like dreaming with your feet and uplifting your senses. So to enhance the classical dance culture in NITR, the Arts and Culture Society along with Mavericks organized a semi-classical dance workshop at SAC. The morning of 6th January witnessed graceful moves of students as they grooved to the ethereal classical tunes and beats.

Ms Prasanti Jena, a very well-known and internationally acclaimed Odissi dancer graced the event with her divine choreography. She has done her Masters in Odishi Classical Dance and has been awarded titles such as Nritya Naivedya, Odissi Prativa and many more. The fun-filled teaching-learning experience began at 10 AM and continued until 12 noon. This was followed by the continuation of the practice sessions from 5-7PM. The 2-day workshop received an extremely positive response from the NITR junta and around 30 students have attended it.

The event was set in motion with warm-up exercises for 10 minutes. After that, the students were taught dance steps on the Carnatic version of “Shape of You by Ms Prasanti Jena. Furthermore, basic mudras and postures of Classical dance were also imparted to make the teaching-learning experience more fruitful. The members of Mavericks assisted the students in every possible way and made sure that students learnt all the basic steps. The teaching-learning experience coupled with graceful moves encompassed the fun-filled environment and students were enjoying it to the core.

When asked about her experience while teaching the students in the dance workshop, Ms Prasanti Jena said:

“It was an excellent experience for me to teach the students who seem very interested to learn the semi-classical form and this is something new for them as well. The dance workshop is a great platform where students can learn a new dance form and showcase their talent.”

Team MM hopes that such kind of dance workshops will be conducted in the future as well so that NITR junta will be introduced to various kinds of dance forms to enhance their dancing skills.



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