Let The Games Begin: Vriddhi 2018 Pre-Fest Review

Let The Games Begin: Vriddhi 2018 Pre-Fest Review

Jan 10, 2018 | Animesh Deepak Kumar

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After a gap of almost 4 years, the Annual Sports Fest of NIT Rourkela(NITR) is back in a whole new avatar, with a fresh new name of Vriddhi, and a host of changes in the structure of the competition. The much-awaited event looks promising and is on track for a grand inaugural on 12th January, 2018 and will continue for 3 days until the  14th of the month.There will be as many as 5 major sports events—Cricket, Football, Volleyball,Basketball(Men’s only) and Badminton (both Men’s and Women’s), in which our institute teams will battle it out against visiting teams from various technical colleges in and around Odisha. The games such as Table tennis, Kho-Kho, Powerlifting and Athletics were dropped due to lack of participation. Further, there would be a bonanza of miscellaneous events like the Sports Quiz Contest and Futsal to involve as well as entertain the cheering audience. The trials have all been successfully completed, and team selections have given way to some rigorous training regime as the fest approaches closer. However, since the fest almost exclusively revolves around selected players only, the inherent nature of this event would be markedly different from the likes of Innovision and Nitrutsav, which see a huge footfall from various colleges and is also open to individual visitors. Despite the absence of the glam of the pro-shows and frolic of the numerous fun events, the NITR Junta would have a lot to cheer for, this winter season as both the organizers and players promise exciting matches covering the entire length of the 3 days from morning till night.

The Inception

The vision for Vriddhi began quite late last year, albeit with much enthusiasm, as the movers and shakers behind the fest finally set their plans to action after the Student Activity Centre(SAC) and Fest Conveners elections. Vriddhi is currently the official Annual Sports fest of NITR, one of the three that was decided during the SAC restructuring early last year (visit here for our review). The team behind Vriddhi 2018 consists of three Fest Conveners as the core team, five event secretaries, three members each in the team concerning Design and the Website division while there is a solitary member in the hospitality division. The inductions of the team for decorations, technical and design were inducted partly in December, last year and partly in early January. As pointed out by two of the three fest conveners—Animesh Panda and Debabrata Mohapatra, the primary issue regarding organizing the fest was that despite being decided to include sports fest during the last SAC restructuring, no plan or budget was allocated till late in 2017 for the purpose. By the time of the announcement of the election results of SAC and the formation of its student body, the annual financial statement of the Games and Sports Society was already passed and there was no allocation for the fest, until then. The Director intended students to come up with a viable plan, and after a lot of deliberations, an almost make-do amount of INR 8 Lakhs was squeezed out from the existing heads in the budget. It was decided that only Government-run or Government- sponsored technical institutions would be invited, which further reduced the prospects of a large participation in this edition. The major argument in favor of this was to screen out the possibility of small colleges registering fake students in the tournament to gain undue advantage, which had happened earlier leading to a controversy. However, as it was the first instance, both the authorities and conveners wanted to prioritize ‘quality over quantity’ and compromised with the restricted, invite-only participation. (We had highlighted this issue earlier in our review of the Games and Sports society)

The Woes

The challenges seemed unending as the captains of the other 20-odd teams also wanted a presence of their respective sports in the event. The authorities initially agreed to this in view of an unbiased approach to all sports equally. However, the idea had to be dropped later, as it was found that besides a paltry budget, lack of adequate infrastructure, and even ground in some cases was a major constraint in going all-out for the first time. Also the fact that Inter-NIT Competition,comprising of events such as Swimming and Athletics would be held at the same time between 12th to 14th January as a separate prestigious event further moderated the claims for an all-sports gala for Vriddhi. As of now, the list of teams has been finalized for all sports, and players would be visiting from colleges like VSSUT Burla, CET Bhubaneswar, IGIT Sarang, BMEC Berhampur, GCE Kalahandi, IIIT Bhubaneswar, NIT Jamshedpur (only for Basketball), KIIT (Basketball and Football) and ITER SOA (Basketball) with the last 2 teams yet to be confirmed. KIIT University and ITER were included later after repeated requests, considering their high rankings in NIRF. The exact details of teams have been given below.

Name of Sport

Number of Teams

Number of matches

Captain of the NIT Rourkela (Institute) Team




Aditya Parasar




Debapriya Chhotray




Sambit Kumar Behera




Biswajit Biswal

Badminton (boys)

5 Players/team


Nihar Ranjan Behera

Badminton (girls)

4 Players/team


Sushree Suman

 (inclusive of NITR, all the team members from all the teams have been finalised)

The Dress Rehearsals

With the fest due to start in less than a week, ground preparations have already begun in the Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) and Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC), the two primary arenas for the fest. The Indoor Badminton court of the G.D Birla Hall of Residence and the Volleyball court beside the Lawn Tennis courts in the P.T Usha Sports complex have also been revamped with the installation of floodlights, while the paint marking of the court would be done 2 days in advance, to prevent an early washout and will be maintained through regular sprinkling of water on the court. For publicity, promotional pre-requisites like posters and banners have been tendered out and would be procured soon enough, while online campaigns have already begun. There is a plan of painting the boundary wall of the DTS for the fest, and the open-gallery would also be renovated in order to host more spectators.

For the visiting players, it has been decided that Food and Boarding (mattress, pillows, and blankets) will be provided by the institute (food coupons will be distributed among all players), and two-way travel reimbursements will also be given. A registration fee of INR 800 has been decided to be collected from the visiting players to help with the financial burdens of organizing the fest.

The likely expense distribution chart of the INR 8 Lakhs allocated to the fest is furnished below:

Sl No.



Fund Allocated(in INR)


Guest House for visiting officials from other colleges/institutes

1200 per day for 10rooms for 4 days



Food and refreshments for officials

200 per head for 60 food packets for 3days



Ambience, light, and sound




Tent, gate, tables, chairs, etc.





For team managers and coaches from different institutions



Printing banners, invitation cards, posters, information bulletins,etc.




Printing certificates for participants and volunteers

20 per head for 700 numbers




180 per head 160 sets




2000 per head for 14 trophies



Fun Events




Remuneration of tournament officials







Badminton—1000*4*3 days

Table Tennis—1000*4*3 days



First Aid




Ground preparation and labor charges









3 days



Opening and Closing ceremony









8,00,000  (Eight Lakhs only)

( Note: In the 11th division, x*y*z, represents the amount to be paid, number of officials and the number of matches in the respective order.)

Sportsmen Speak

Team Monday Morning(MM) caught up with the captains of the various participating teams on the sidelines of their practice sessions. In the words of the volleyball captain, Sambit Behera,

We are having regular practice now leading upto the day of the fest. We have ample amount of good players to make up to two institute teams, although unfortunately only one would be allowed to play.

The captain of the football team, Debapriya Chhotray made a valuable contribution in contacting the sports captains and officers from other institutes and thus extending the overall participation in the sport.

The captain of the cricket team, Biswajit Biswal too was optimistic about this year’s expectations for the team in Vriddhi, as he added

Being the defending Inter-NIT champions, we do expect to win the cup this time. We are practising daily at the STSC and playing warm-up matches between the two subdivison of the Institute Cricket team; albeit poor lighting torn nets have been a major problem so far.

In badminton too, the players are expected to make quite an exemplary performance, with the team stretching their practice sessions in both the morning and evening sessions.However, lack of a proper background on one side of the idoor court could in the G.D Birla Hall of Residence may lead to problems in sighting, as one of the team members pointed out.

For organizing the main matches, professional umpires and referees have been called upon, who might be assisted by the Institute Sports Officers as match officials; and care will be taken to make the process as fair and transparent as possible.

Team MM caught up with Prof. N.K. Vissa, Vice-President of Games and Sports Society, SAC,and he wa quoted saying,

Since the Sports fest is happening after a gap of almost 4 years at our institute, procuring sponsors was a difficult job, but the secretaries of the Games and Sports Society along with the Conveners of the fest have done a good job in management of the event,thus far. We contacted all the National Institute of Technology(NIT) in the country but did not get a positive response, so we decided to include KIIT and ITER for the competition.

As of now online fee collection is completed, tenders have been passed and by the 11th of January, all requirements are expected to be procured. Accommodation will be provided from the first day at the Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence and Satish Dhawan Hall of Residence for  the boys while the  women will be accommodated at the CV Raman Hall of Residence. Around 350 participants that are expected to turn up for the event.

Team Monday Morning wishes all the organizers and atheletes the best for Vriddhi 2018 and hopes that the event is carried out in a hassle free manner.

For more info regarding the fest, events, schedule, and fixtures (TBD), visit vriddhi.nitrkl.ac.in

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