Confiscating Faults, Consolidating Abode: A CVR Hall Review

Confiscating Faults, Consolidating Abode: A CVR Hall Review

With quite a picturesque and aesthetic garden view, the CV Raman hall of residence stands unrivaled as the largest female boarding abode of our institute. Situated beside the swimming pool complex and the central gym and behind the DTS sports complex, the hall houses around 900 boarders in almost 700 rooms. This academic year, the hall saw several new changes with Dr. Poonam Singh presiding over as the hall warden and the reshuffling of the caterers among different hostels. What follows is a detailed review of the issues and improvisations in the CVR hall during the current academic session (2017-18).

Allotment Issues

With the transition of warden duties, arose a lot of chaos in the matter of room allotments. Hence, the academic year of the hall of residence began with quite a lot of dissatisfaction among the inhabitants. Many girls were allotted rooms randomly without considering the requests put forth by them towards the end of the previous semester and quite a few girls were not allotted a room. However, very soon this aura of discontent diffused with the timely intervention of the new warden who effectively issued amendments in the room allotment procedure. Girls could hence enjoy proper room allotments quite soon.  


Time and again, the CVR boarders come up with complaints regarding proper maintenance of the hall premises. The emergence of such issues is unavoidable as the hostel is itself too big and houses many girls. Broken flushes, broken taps, non-functional geysers, unhygienic conditions, unpainted rooms, messy corridors, stray dogs, pests and so on are certain general issues raised in several hostels but CVR being a huge hostel encounters such problems quite frequently. Authorities have always delayed any remedial actions. The boarders have to hoard too much of patience before their grievances are addressed. These delayed responses have always had a detrimental impact on the boarder satisfaction index.

Regarding this, the general secretary, Sudha Priyadarshini mentioned,

Boarders aren’t paying heed to the ‘Block-wise Prefect System’ which was initiated to overcome such maintenance issues. Even if the hall the completely renewed, to ensure its proper and cautious usage is our responsibility. In case of mismanagement, if a few students are willing to take up responsibilities for reporting maintenance issues in their respective blocks, the overall response would be quicker and more efficient, and the healthy ambiance can be ensured.

On consulting the warden, she said, 

Whitewashing was completed in those rooms which were requested by the boaders. Talking about the issue of installing mosquito nets for the windows, the Director and Chief Warden have decided that since curtains have been installed in the hostel, mosquito nets will not be provided by the institute. But, students are permitted to install nets in their rooms as per their requirement.

Mess Hygiene

CVR has a huge mess and dining area. The hygienic conditions require regular monitoring. In the previous academic year, students had lodged several complaints which included staleness of food, sightings of insects and hair in the food, unclean floors, and unhygienic ambiance. With the change of caterers in the new session, such complaints have reduced to a much greater extent, and boarders’ satisfaction has improved quite a lot. The mess remains cleaner, and the food taste and quality have improved. On very rare occasions boarders have been found reporting and hygiene issues regarding the mess and this progress is worth praising. Also, the mess remains under regular inspection by competent authorities.

Water and Power Supply

Water supply remains adequate, and the boarders aren’t facing many issues in this aspect. Even the drinking water supply is good and remains clean and consumable. The power supply doesn’t often fluctuate, save alone the moments when the institute informs regarding a scheduled power cut for timely maintenance of the power grids of the campus.

Space issues

The rooms of CVR are quite small as compared to the room size of other hostels. 2 students are asked to share a single room, provided they are not a final year student or a Ph.D. scholar. But such rooms are meant for single occupancy. Limitation of space leads to clumsiness and discomfort.The fact which can’t be ignored is that the entire female populace of the campus is bound to reside within only two hostels provided for them. Quite contradictorily, certain students who aren’t even final year students or Ph.D. scholars enjoy the comfort of a single room which is against the common room allotment code.

Upon drawing the attention of the warden towards this issue, she said,

I have requested the authorities to combine two adjacent rooms and have also put forth the plan of construction of new rooms in the hostel to add more space to the premises.

Towards the back end of the hostel lies a vast expanse of land which is practically of no use. The land is simply cleaned time-to-time, and whenever required, the grasses are trimmed to avoid accommodation of snakes and other unwanted pests. This land could be used for some practical purpose like constructing new rooms to avoid space issues faced by the boarders.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

Like every other hostel, CVR even has a games room but what is sorrowful is that this facility is rarely maintained and many interested students are deprived of the opportunity of timely recreation. The equipment is not maintained, and the entire facility remains dilapidated. Students have to fetch their equipment to play at their leisure.

The hostel has a badminton court and a basketball court at the rear end. The net of the badminton court has been damaged and on rare occasions, the floodlights installed in the court remain functional. Also, the location of the court is improper and discourages many boarders from using it. The basketball court is never used, and that space behind the hostel is left in the wilderness. Even the gym of the hostel isn’t in a good state. Many instruments need maintenance and are usually neglected. In short, the recreational and sports facilities of the hostel aren’t commendable and in certain aspects are quite disturbing.

Late Entry Situation

The curfew time for CVR Hall is at 11 pm sharp. Any boarder’s return to the hall after 11 p.m. would be marked as a late entry. The total number of permissible late entries per semester remains limited to three. Upon exceeding this limiting value, the boarder would be penalized, and this ritual is being strictly followed.

Future Plans

Apart from the changes till now, there are a few plans that the secretaries want to implement. There are plans for plantations in the empty areas behind the hostel. Slabs are being used to cover the open drains, and soon after the completion of this work, there is a plan for the construction of a pathway to the badminton court to make it more accessible. Moreover, the sports secretary is working on renovating the gym facility.

Discussing further on the plans for the hall, Prof. Poonam Singh said,

Significant efforts would be put for improving the cleanliness of the hall and repair works would be carried out real soon. I will discuss the possibility of construction of new rooms in the hostel with the Director and try to address to all possible worries of the boarders of this hostel.



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