The Ultimate Farewell: 15th Annual Convocation

The Ultimate Farewell: 15th Annual Convocation

For all the nostalgic memories and heart-felt unions, a convocation is a festive event that links people with their studentship days. It remains as an important day in their lives whose every detail gets etched in their memories forever. All the memories came rushing back for the final roll call of the batch of 2017 on the occasion of the 15th Convocation which was held on 20th January at the NCC ground.

To ensure that the entire event proceeds flawlessly, the authorities made all necessary arrangements and according to the usual practice, a dry-run was customarily conducted a day before the main event to reduce chances of any mistakes. This year, the convocation had a Sambalpuri dress code to promote the local weavers and artisans and to add a sense of ethnicity; boys wore Sambalpuri kurtas and girls wore Sambalpuri sarees.

The entire convocation ceremony was divided into a two-day celebration with a practice session and a cultural event on the first day (19 January 2018) and the main event on the morning of the second day (20 January 2018).


The pre-convocation cultural event, which was scheduled at 6.15 PM on 19 January began with a delay of about half an hour. The lighting of the lamp was done by the Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas accompanied by his wife. The event saw the presence of Prof. K.K. Mohapatra (Dean, Academic), Prof. B.K. Nanda (PIC Convocation) and Prof. Snehashish Chakraborty (President, SAC). This cultural extravaganza which was organized by Prof. Smruti Shikha Bal and Prof. Nalini Nihar Nayak showcased the talents of campus children ageing from 4 to 14 years who danced to the latest Bollywood tunes. In addition, Odissi artist and Padmashri awardee Kumkum Mohanty performed on the eve of the convocation ceremony. Following her performance was a theatrical act by the RITVIC club of NITR titled ‘Badalte Raste.’ The closing act of the evening was by Synergy, one of the dance clubs of NITR. This eventful evening concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Smruti Shikha Bal and the felicitation of the troupe that accompanied Kumkum Mohanty.


After the official launch of the fifth edition of Monday Morning's print issue, the new building of the Student Counselling Programme(SCP) was inaugurated at 9:45 AM in the former building of Department of Planning and Architecture by the Director and esteemed Chief Guest for the convocation ceremony, Dr. P.K. Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to the Honorable Prime Minister of India and Dr. S.B. Mishra, Chairman, Board Of Governors(BOG), NIT Rourkela. The occasion was graced with the presence of Prof. B.K Nanda, Prof. K.K. Mahapatra with the other senators and faculty members.

The coordinators of the SCP were also present and made the necessary arrangements. The inauguration commenced with the unveiling of the office nameplate by the guests. Thereafter, the ribbon-cutting followed. A video about SCP, of a duration of one minute, was shown to everyone present. Dr. P.K. Mishra was asked to access the SCP website and told about some of its features. Then all the dignitaries headed towards NCC ground for the outset of convocation ceremony.

The silent NCC ground was filled with elation and nostalgia on 20th January as the students who graduated in the academic year of 2016-17 returned to their alma mater. The NCC ground was beautifully decorated and had sufficient seats to accommodate all the guests. Apart from that, there was an additional arrangement of live streaming in Bhubaneshwar Behera Auditorium and on YouTube. Furthermore, seven LCD screens were also placed in the NCC ground so that people sitting in the back could have a clear view of the 15th Annual Convocation ceremony. There were adequate arrangements of water bottles for the students, delegates, as well as the guests and portable washrooms, was set-up near the seating area. All the guests were provided with brochures on a propitious day to commemorate the legacy of Convocation in NITR.

The academic procession started at 10 AM sharp, and the Convocation was declared open by the Chairman, Dr. Santrupt B. Mishra. This was followed by the welcome address and presentation of the Annual report by Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas. The Director in his speech mentioned about the ranking of NIT Rourkela, its achievements and various unique facilities provided by NIT Rourkela. He also stated about the various projects undergoing in the lap of NITR.

Then the procession of awarding the degrees was initiated. It started with Doctorate of Philosophy and finished with B.Tech. degree recipients.  

As many as 570 B. Tech, 117 Dual Degree, 413 M. Tech, 44 Integrated M.Sc., 104 M.Sc., 11 M. A, 33 MBA, 110 Ph.D. and 19 M. Tech (by Research) degrees were awarded in the 15th Annual Convocation.


This was further succeeded by the presentation of the institute gold and silver medals. The students who received the prestigious institute gold medals are:

  • Prof. Bhubaneswar Behera Gold medal for Best All-rounder – K. Apoorva Tejaswi
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Graduate with Integrated M.Sc degree: Sachchidanand Prasad
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Graduate project: Aditya Gupta (M. Tech and Dual Degree)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Undergraduate project: Punugantisai Akanksha (B. Tech and B.Arch.)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Undergraduate with M. Tech Dual Degree: B. Sneha (Dual Degree B. Tech and M. Tech)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best graduate: Anamay Sarkar (B. Tech and B.Arch.)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Graduate: Namrata Nanda (MBA)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Graduate: Poulommi Mondal (M. Sc and MA)
  • Institute Gold Medal for the Best Post Graduate: Abhishek Chakraborty(M. Tech)
  • Gold medal for the Best project (M.Sc. Integrated and M.A.): Gupta Suchit Anand

There was an introduction to the formal Endowment award ceremony and the presentation of the same. The list of awardees is as follows:

  • Prof. S.C Naik Gold medal: P. Lakshmi Narayan Patro
  • Snigdashri Patra Memorial Gold Medal: Kumar Prasannajit Pradhan
  • Saurav Ranjan Kar Memorial Award: Anamaya Sarkar
  • Pranab Memorial Award: Kukkadapu Nisanth
  • Bhaswati Paul Memorial Award: Naushita Sharma
  • Santa Jain prize: Aditya Gupta
  • Bunty Memorial Award: Anamaya Sarkar
  • Sugat Kishore Mall Memorial Award: Priyanka Choudhary
  • Prof. Ashok Kumar Mohanty award: Ashika Agrawal
  • Ronak Das Memorial Award: Samlesh Choudhury

The event was officially declared closed by the Chief Guest of the event, Dr. P.K Mishra. The event finished at 2 PM and the batch of 2016-17 came out in front of the building to have the last round of photographs, interviews and to live the good old days. Then the convoy moved to the Community Hall of the institute wherein the arrangements of lunch were made.


The new rules of donning ethnic wear for the convocation received mixed responses from the graduates. While a few stated that suits were more comfortable and convenient to carry, others felt that the ethnic robes were helping to promote the diversity of our country and created a sense of uniformity amongst all graduates.

All in all, the 15th Annual Convocation Ceremony ended with nostalgic graduates with heavy hearts and exciting futures. Truly the institute gave them too many memories to cherish and this last day must have been a memorable one for them. Team MM and the entire institute wishes them good luck for their professional career and the road that lies ahead.


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