A Toast to Success: NITR Sports Contingent at Inter-NIT Surathkal

A Toast to Success: NITR Sports Contingent at Inter-NIT Surathkal

Niharika Dalai Zakiya Ali | Jan 22, 2018

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With the commencement of the Spring Semester, the sports fraternity of NITR participated in the Inter-NIT sports meet held at NIT Surathkal from 12th-14th January. Team MM celebrates their display of sporting fervor and hereby presents a detailed report of their performance.


The swimming team of NITR won seven medals in the tournament this year. A team of ten boys and six girls participated in the event. Here is the list of the winners:

Events Medal EarnedWinners
100m freestyle (Girls)BronzeVenu Pandit
200m freestyle (Girls)SilverVenu Pandit
400m freestyle (Girls)GoldVenu Pandit
800m freestyle (Girls)GoldVenu Pandit
400m freestyle (Boys)BronzeRitvic Verma
Mixed relay freestyleBronze

Sriker Balaram Paturi

Rajat Kumar Dalai

Venu Pandit

Raksha Vijay Karkera

Mixed Relay MedleyBronze

Sriker Balaram Paturi

Abhilash P

Venu Pandit

Raksha Vijay Karkera


The Captain of the team, Rajat was quoted saying,

Compared to previous year, the team could have definitely performed better this time. No official accompanied us for the tournament as the dates of Inter NIT clashed with Vriddhi (NIT Rourkela’s Annual Sports meet). Thus we did not get the requisite moral support and we weren’t motivated enough. Adding to our grief was the freezing cold swimming pool at NITR. Unlike some institutes, we don’t have a temperature control system in our pool which makes practice arduous and painful. Most of the team members suffered from muscle cramps due to this very reason. Upon requesting the Director, he assured us to install a geyser in the washroom near the pool but the probability of installation of a temperature control system in the pool is bleak due to budget constraints and other reasons.


The format of the tournament was such that the 19 participating teams from various NITs were divided into five pools of three teams each and one pool had four teams. NITR played its first match against the host team, NIT Surathkal, which they unfortunately lost. Nevertheless, the members didn’t lose hope and bounced back splendidly by thrashing the opposing teams from NIT Uttarakhand and NIT Bhopal in the subsequent matches.
In the quarterfinals, they defeated NIT Warangal thereby entering into the semifinals against NIT Calicut which they also won. Sadly, they lost the finals to NIT Nagpur by a dismal 1 point and thus were deemed Runners Up.
Following is an excerpt from the conversation with the team captain, Ajay,

It was the first time that we were playing on mats with shoes. At NITR, we used to practice without shoes on the ground. Hence we lost our first match because we weren’t well acquainted with the playing condition. Also, the authorities didn’t provide a scoreboard on the ground, therefore, we couldn’t keep track of our points thus losing the finals by a mere 1 point. Furthermore, as the grounds at NITR were not well maintained we hardy got a week to practice before the tournament. 

Owing to the fact that players suffer fewer injuries on mats, all Kabaddi tournaments would be played on mats from next year onwards thus the team has requested the authorities to purchase mats for their smooth and hassle-free practice.



The total number of teams contesting in the tournament was eight. Initially, the contingent from NITR faced NIT, Calicut but unfortunately, lost with the scoreline of 2-17. The next match was played against NIT, Surat, where the team won with a good margin of 13-9; which was followed by a match against NIT, Trichy where the team lost with a narrow margin of 10-12. The team stood fourth in the entire tournament.

The team faced a number of problems during their practice for the Inter-NIT competitions. Firstly, the team did not have a court to practice and had to continue their sessions on the hockey ground. Moreover, the dimensions of the goal post were different that created further confusion during practices. Apart from that, one of the members suffered from brain injury and players faced a number of problems at the host institute as the team was not accompanied by an official. Even the jerseys provided to the team were not of good quality and got worn out very soon.

Talking about the performance of the team, the captain Birju Pal says,

My team’s performance was quite good as compared to the previous inter-NIT tournaments but they needed a coach which was not provided by the institute. Last year I asked the sports officials to arrange for a professional coach but they said that they do not have enough funds.


The team performed quite well in the competition and won a bronze medal in the entire tournament. The first match was played against NIT, Trichy which was drawn at 0-0. The next match was against NIT, Jamshedpur, which was again tied at 1-1. This match was followed by a match against NIT, Raipur where the team won with a scoreline of 1-0. The semifinal match was played against NIT, Calicut which was drawn and was followed by a penalty shootout, where the team unfortunately lost. But Ramesh Chandra Oram from NITR won the ‘Best Goalkeeper Award’ and played a significant role in winning the third match for NITR.

The team did not get proper support from the institute as most of the equipments required for practice did not arrive on time. The hockey ground is very dusty which created difficulty for the team during practice sessions. Moreover, the team did not have a professional coach and was not accompanied by the team manager.

Describing the team’s performance, the captain says,

The overall performance of the team was quite good. I have tried to make a team which has an equal distribution of experienced as well as new players. So we hope to perform well and win good number of trophies in the near future.

Team MM congratulates the teams for their glorious performance and hopes to see their issues resolved soon so that they can pull better results in the upcoming tournaments.


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