A Rare Lunar Phenomenon: Super Blue Blood Moon

A Rare Lunar Phenomenon: Super Blue Blood Moon

Sweety Shukla | Feb 05, 2018

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On 31 January 2018, Astro, the Physics and Astronomy Club of NIT Rourkela organized an event at the Department of Chemistry on the terrace of the Main Building to witness the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’. The session kick-started exactly according to the schedule at 6:00 PM and was open not only to the NITR junta but also to the general public.

On January 31, a complete lunar eclipse had occurred along with a blue moon (second full moon of the month) and this is termed as Super blue blood moon. The super blue blood moon combined the blue moon, super moon, and total eclipse, all three being exceptional events. The last time such a phenomenon occurred was in 1982, making it more than a quarter of a century since the last one. The next super blue blood moon will happen on December 31, 2028, though it won't be quite as large since the moon will not be at its closest point to Earth. Another will happen on January 31, 2037, thus providing the people the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness one of the rarest celestial happenings. Astronomy enthusiasts from all walks of life had gathered at the Main Building Rooftop to experience this beautiful scenario.

Abinash Agasti, a member of the club said:

We did not expect such a massive participation. There was only one telescope whereas the population that turned up for the event was enormous. Hence, to control the crowd, we mounted a camera over the telescope so that a few number of students could collectively see the observation at once as opposed to one person seeing the moon at a time which would have actually taken very long.

The spectacular moon was shown to the participants with the aid of CPC 800 XLT telescope. The turn-out for the event was approximately 450. The event concluded successfully at 8:30 PM with all the people going back to the satisfaction and happiness of having witnessed a magnificent cosmic spectacle under the sky. Team Monday Morning congratulates the Astro Club, NITR for organising such a beautiful event and hopes to see such sessions in future as well.


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