From Ground to Glory: Team BMR at BAJA SAE India 2018

From Ground to Glory: Team BMR at BAJA SAE India 2018

Yash Shah | Feb 05, 2018

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Team Black Mamba Racing (BMR) is one of the automotive teams under the aegis of the Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE) collegiate club of NITR, which is under the global purview of SAE. The club provides a platform to the automobile-enthusiasts of the institute to get involved in designing and making an All-Terrain Vehicle(ATV). The team members toil year long, day and night, at the Central Workshop, to make advancements and improvements in their buggy. The efforts of this year-long hard work are finally showcased at the national level BAJA SAE annual event in which students from various institutes of the country participate with their in-house designed cars.

Team Monday Morning brings to you an exclusive detailed coverage of this year’s participation of Team BMR at the BAJA SAE event which was organized at Pithampur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh from 24th January to 28th January 2018.  The event had a series of rounds throughout the span of four days.

Day 0

The vehicle registration of all the teams took place on this day. Simultaneously, there were aptitude tests being conducted for third-year internships and job opportunities at the various automotive-sector giants like Mahindra, General Motors, ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India),etc. Team Black Mamba Racing was the first team to register for the mega event.

Day 1

Weight check and Engine check of Team BMR’s ATV was completed. The weight of Team BMR’s vehicle was recorded at 146.7 kg, the lightest ever, in the nine editions of their rich legacy. There was a significant reduction of 52.3 kg from the previous buggy and thus Team BMR calls it as one of their major accomplishments, this year. The Technical Inspection(TI) and Safety Scrutiny of the buggy, traditionally being a lengthy affair, usually takes four to five hours. Team BMR despite attempting events like the Sales Presentation and Cost Evaluation was able to complete two of the three-tiered process of the TI, with the final phase of the evaluation being shifted to the next day. A Go Green initiative earmarked the speciality of the event as it scrutinized the environment-friendliness of the vehicle and subsequent points were provided for the same.

Day 2

The team did certain on-spot modifications at their pit and cleared the final phase of the TI. After having successfully completed the static tests, the focus now shifted to the dynamic events. The Braking test, which is to ensure that the car comes to rest during the dynamic events, was completed by the end of the day. Apart from this, a Design Evaluation involving the presentation of the design report of the various subsystems of the vehicle also took place on the same day. 

Day 3

The following day, four dynamic events were held, namely, Acceleration test, Suspension and traction test, Manoeuvrability test and a Sledge pull test. All these events are conducted in order to test the all-terrain operability of the vehicle. Having successfully completed the acceleration test of the vehicle, the team proceeded to attempt the Sledge-pull test. Unfortunately, Team BMR’s hub broke in the sledge pull event, but the team did not lose faith and rebuilt their vehicle and successfully participated in the manoeuvrability test.

Day 4

The Endurance Test, which comprises of the most number of points during the event started at 10 AM with Honourable Minister of  Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India, Mr Babul Supriyo flagging off the event. In this test, the vehicle is made to run for four hours continuously and the winning team is the one whose vehicle completes the maximum laps, without breaking down. Team BMR’s vehicle completed fifteen laps in four hours. Team BMR bagged the 30th position among all the participating 120 teams.

When asked about the overall performance of the team at the event, team captain, Shivam Rai was quoted saying:

This was a pretty successful event for us as in the past our vehicle was unable to run for the entire time duration of four hours during the endurance test. As we were able to sucessfully complete the endurance test, it acted as a big moral boost for the team. 

Team BMR extended their gratitude to the NITRAA for providing them with motivation and monetary support to make the ATV. The team also acknowledged the support provided by the officials of the Central Workshop. The team looks forward to overcoming all the shortcomings that are existing at present, and to participate next year along with an improved and an advanced version of their off-road All Terrain Vehicle. 

On enquiring regarding the difficulties that the team faced during the making of its vehicle, Shivam Rai was quoted as saying,

We lack a complete manufacturing hub for the vehicle, the facilities provided by the institute are very limited. Moreover, the passing of bills to avail reimbursements from Student Activity Centre(SAC) is a tiresome and time-consuming process. We make our vehicle as per the deadlines set by the SAE and the delayed reimbursements from SAC adds to our problems. Another major difficulty that we encounter is from the Estate department of the institute as the response from them is very sluggish which was evident when we approached them to build a shed during the rainy season. 

Team Monday Morning congratulates Team Black Mamba Racing on their improved show during in BAJA SAE India 2018 and wishes them good luck for the future editions of the same.


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