Frolicking with Algorithms, Vanquishing Complexities

Frolicking with Algorithms, Vanquishing Complexities

Payal Das | Feb 05, 2018

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Creativity in programming and proficiency in algorithm problem-solving is what most of the recruiters look for these days in the students they want to see in their companies. An initiative, to inculcate and brush up these skills, has been taken by Mr. Shyam Mohapatra, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore. He is a founding member of SPARK Bootcamp, a venture of Centre for Advanced Technologies, which conducts workshop sessions in various institutes with the following salient features:

  •  Innovative Thinking
  •  Algorithm Generation
  •  Enhanced Programming Ability
  •  Smart Solution


The TnP, NIT Rourkela invited Mr. Mohapatra to conduct a workshop named "FLASH" on 29th of January in the TIIR PPT room, with the objective to address students on ‘ Improving Skill in Creativity in Programming and Algorithmic Problem-solving’. Around 90 students turned up for the session.

FLASH aims at taking one's programming skills to another level altogether and help him learn various techniques to solve algorithm-based questions efficaciously by attenuating their complexities. In this workshop, the students were encouraged to adopt innovative approaches to a given task, be it as small as a simple assignment or as big as research papers and also their quality of coding goes up manifold.

Many companies like Tavant Technologies, 7i Security Solutions, Sigma Info Solutions, Netcracker and many more have collaborated with Centre for Advanced Technologies to conduct FLASH along with training sessions for their employees. Having received multiple positive feedbacks from cyber firms, the FLASH workshop is an essential session to be attended by all the novice employees or those having less than 3 years of experience. It has been recommended by many in the corporate world as it also amends the approach of a person to every problem and ensures that his methodologies are exceptional, smarter and more profitable for the organization he is working in.

Team MM eagerly awaits the conduct of more such beneficial and brain-igniting workshops for the escalation of the approach of the students and emergence of more bright engineers.



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