Swaha Swayamsiddha | Feb 05, 2018

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A picture speaks a thousand words and this NITRUTSAV, the event PICTIONARY, organized by Hourglass, embodied and proved just that. This fun and short literary event witnessed hundreds of people lining up and registering to participate with some seeking multiple registrations. This event was organised at library lawns alongside three more events by Hourglass, thus helping boost the participation in each, with attendees opting to enjoy them all. This event was held on the second day of NU, i.e., on 2nd February, Saturday.

PICTIONARY was slated to start at 9 AM, but owing to delay caused due to set-up and arrival of participants; it started at 10.30 AM. The popularity of the event prolonged its stipulated duration with the event running late up to 5 pm in the evening. The event sought participation in teams of two. One of them had to pick a card on which the name of a movie had been jotted. The same person had to then draw on a sheet of paper, describing the movie or its name, while their partner tried their best to guess it. The person drawing also had to adhere to some specific rules written down on their cards, forbidding them from using some specific picture or symbol. One could not use alphabets or symbols to describe the movie either; it had to be a drawing or a picture. The time taken to draw and describe the movie, till one’s partner had the correct answer was observed and recorded. The winners were subsequently chosen from that.

Pictionary saw a floating crowd of nearly 454 participants. They clocked in a total of 227 teams and registrations, all of which enjoyed the event. Kritideepan and Rohit made a great pair and were successful in winning it by completing it in the shortest time, while Apoorva and Shiva Sai Bonala came a close second. On speaking to the coordinators of the event, Ankith Gumpula, and Dundra Vikranth, they assured that the event went smoothly and they noticed no shortcomings from the management and organizing teams. All requirements were procured and received properly and the event was publicised well. The participants enjoyed the event, terming it as innovative and fun while being short and simple. PICTIONARY definitely succeeded in taking the immortal game of Dumb Charades to a new level, through pictures and imagination. Here’s to hoping that one gets to see such creative events in the future as well.


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