Grace through Love: Home and Hope Stall

Grace through Love: Home and Hope Stall

Ankit Kumar Panda | Feb 05, 2018

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NITRUTSAV 2K18 was not just about the fun and frolic of dance and music. It also saw Leo club of NIT Rourkela doing some charitable work of helping the differently abled students. One such initiative is the Home and Hope stall put up at the SAC entrance.

The stall had items being made by the differently abled students of the Home and hope school, which houses children suffering from mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and other such disabilities and works towards spreading smiles and giving them the hope of succeeding despite their shortcomings.

The stall had items of daily use such as candles in different shapes (like butterfly-shaped and glass shaped), and sizes. It also had home decorative items such as vases and spoon holders. Furthermore, the stall also had items such as rakhis and mangalsutras. Leo club collects the money from the stall and the whole of it is transferred for the welfare of the students of Home and Hope school.

Smarajeet Das, a new inductee of the club, had to say that:

Happiness is not something readymade and it comes from our own actions. This act of organizing a stall and donating the received amount gives immense amount of happiness both for the differently abled students as well as for us. The children are provided this platform so as to get an overall growth for themselves. It is truly great that I am a part of this good act.

Akshita Singh, Secretary of the club said that:

Each year, Leo club of NIT Rourkela brings together special children of Home and Hope, and sells handmade products with some margin of profit. Hope that NIT Rourkela gives the same amount of enthusiasm towards the stall next year as it gave this year.

Team MM looks forward to more such noble events from the side of Leo and congratulates them for the work they have done.   


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