Sleuthing Away: NU Journalist

Sleuthing Away: NU Journalist

Sahithi Ravipati | Feb 05, 2018

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From Sherlock Holmes to Nancy Drew, we’ve all envied detectives at one point or another in our lives. As a child, everyone wanted to put their sleuthing senses to test to solve some crime. NU Journalist had helped the masses fulfil their dreams. NU Journalist was conducted by Clarion, the official Literary and Debating Club of NIT Rourkela. This year was the fifth edition of the event and it ended up being a great success. On the 2nd day of NITRutsav, i.e. the 3rd of February, 2018 the event was held at the BBA side lawns. Scheduled to begin at 9 AM, the event began an hour late due to the lack of crowd early on.

The event managed to attract a huge crowd, and a total of 236 students participated in the event. Articles were displayed for the players. On deeply scrutinizing all the snippets, participants could proceed by interrogating the prime “suspects”. When they have successfully solved the crime, they had to not only identify the culprit but had to precisely draw conclusions and describe the story behind the crime committed.

The premise of the crime was a robbery and a dynamic storyline and was employed to turn up the heat. What was initially an investigation to solve a robbery soon became a search for a murderer in Round 2. The suspects ranged from a “loving” girlfriend to an aloof professor.

All the participants, both from within campus and outside of campus, loved the events. A pair of students from BJB College said

This was a very fun and innovative event. I’ve never seen a game like this. It has been a thrilling experience.

The organizers faced no issues with the acquirement of requirements and were quite happy with the response from SAC.

The large turnout and the smiles on the pleased participants are reason enough for the NUJ team to deem the event a grand success. Team MM congratulates them on their success.


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