An Aquatic Escapade : Water Polo

An Aquatic Escapade : Water Polo

Samikshya | Feb 12, 2018

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Usually played as a competitive water sport among swimmers, the game of Water Polo was modified into a fun event by the organizing team of NITRUTSAV this year so that all water lovers could enjoy the sport. The rules of the game were modified so as to ensure that the entire event did not follow any strict rules and the event could be made fun-centric.

It was a two-day long event which was organized by four coordinators(Vikas, Rajeev, Samikshya and Deesha)  and was held in the Swimming pool of the campus on 3rd February and 4th February. Participants had to come in a team of five players and had to compete on the basis of the number of goals they shoot in the opponent’s goal post. A single game had three matches, each of which did not last longer than 5 minutes. So, an entire match between two teams was bound within a time limit of fifteen minutes within which they had to score the maximum number of goals. Any foul committed during the game ensured that the ball was handed over to the other team as a penalty. Many other rules of the sport were dropped keeping in view the assumption that not all participants could be swimmers and that it was an event meant for fun and recreational purposes.

The event commenced according to mentioned time and there no delay. It started at 9:00 AM in the morning on both days and continued till 4:30 PM in the evening. A total of 15 teams participated during the entire span of two days of the event. The coordinator of the event, Vikas, stated,

This event has a great concept but its location is a great limitation. Not everyone who come from outside can easily locate the swimming pool and a major chunk of the crowd gets concentrated in the academic area. Also, a swimming costume becomes a hindrance as all do not possess it!  But those who came to play had a great time.

. A participant, Hrithik Kumar Murmu of our institute commented,

It is one of the best events and I can just keep playing throughout the day.


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