Samikshya | Feb 12, 2018

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For the first time in the history of NITRUTSAV, a competition to gather crowd for the knack of Dramebaazi was initiated by the official drama club of the campus, Pantomime. It was held on 4th February, the final day of the fest. It was considered as a platform which could celebrate the acting skills of the participants and was a means of evaluating how much the audience approved of their skills.

The rules of the event were quite simple. The participants had to come in groups with the number of members varying between two to six. They were provided with a location where they had to showcase their flair. Within seven minutes they had to perform their skit. After seven minutes, the headcount of the audience gathered for their performance was counted and the team with more number was declared as the winner. For every team, the location was varied and this change of location remained fair for all teams.

No microphones were provided and hence the participants’ voices were the only sources. The short play, however, was not supposed to be offensive and hurt anyone’s emotions. The event was coordinated by Akash and Abhilipsa. Being scheduled at 12 noon, the event started at 1:15 PM, as initially there were no participants. A total of seven participants participated and the event continued until 3 PM in the afternoon. Initially, the event was supposed to be held at the parking space near the Department of Chemical Engineering but there was a change in location and was shifted to Student Activity Centre(SAC).

The coordinator of the event, Akash stated,

Although the event was supposed to start at noon, there were not any participants and hence we could not start earlier than 1:15 PM when the first team arrived. Also, the change in location stemmed from the fact that the crowd was not enough for the event. So a crowded place like SAC was considered apt. This event is conducted for the first time and was able to strike a chord with the audience.

Out of 7 teams, 2 were declared winners. The winning team had gathered 113 people as audience and the runners-up team could pull 88 people. Mukti Mandavi and team were the winners and runners up were Suyash Ratan Pandey, Akshat Jaiswal and team

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Pantomime club on the conduction of a successful event.


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