The Charisma of Kathak : Malabika Mitra

The Charisma of Kathak : Malabika Mitra

Amlan Arman | Feb 12, 2018

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On the evening of 2nd February, an atmosphere of joy and merriment grappled around the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium(BBA). The Spic Macay chapter of NIT Rourkela organized a Kathak Dance by Dr Malabika Mitra. Dr Malabika Mishra is an eminent Kathak dancer who started dancing at the age of three and was groomed by Guru Ramgopal Mishra of the Jaipur Gharana and Om Prakash Mishra of Lucknow.

The event was scheduled to start at 5:15 PM but eventually started at around 6:30 PM after the arrival of the Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas. Around hundred people attended the event. The evening started with an introduction and a little insight into the magnificent dance form of Kathak. After the hosts invited Dr Malabika Mitra to the stage, she started explaining the origin, procedure and emotion-related to Kathak in brief. She started with the first session of Kathak dance, i.e. Ganga Stuti or the initial prayer right after the explanation of the dance. Then, she gave a new aspect to the Kathak dance form and explained how Kathak is closely related to Mathematics. She expressed emotions in a static posture with only eyes, eyebrows, and upper part of the body.

Coming to the organisation of the event, the artist complained time and again of the volume of the microphone which made the whole event an unpleasant one for quite some time. The artist even told the coordinators about their carelessness in not arranging for ground microphones beforehand.

One of the coordinators of the event, Abhishek Gaurav, quoted:

There was absolutely no problem in the management of the event. The event was a successful one since many honorable dignitaries had come to watch the event. It was great to see students taking interest in classical dance forms.

Apart from few glitches, the event was a huge success among the masses and even the attendees really enjoyed a lot. They were disappointed with the delayed start but later exclaimed that the event was worth waiting.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the whole team of Spic Macay Chapter of NITR for organizing a successful event and wishes luck in all their future endeavours.


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