Partner in Search: Blind Date

Partner in Search: Blind Date

Payal Das | Feb 12, 2018

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Nitrutsav 2018 was a perfect concoction of adventurous events, brainstorming sessions and of course, riveting games which appealed the young boys and girls a lot. Blind date was one such event which happened on 3rd February, at the Student Activity Centre(SAC) in the afternoon. The commencement of the event got delayed by almost one and a half hours because of mismatch in the number of boys and girls, and as the coordinators wanted more couples to play it.

The event began with 38 girls and 80 boys ending further registrations. After registrations, the names of the boys were written on chits and the girls were called one-by-one to pick up chits so that all of them get paired soon. Eventually, 42 boys were left with no dates and could not participate in the game. After the pairs were formed, they were supposed to leave the venue and spend an hour with each other which was essential for all the three rounds of the event. 

At 4 PM, the pairs were back and first round started. Each participant was provided with a questionnaire consisting of some basic questions about his/her partner. The top scorers qualified for the second round and the remaining were disqualified. The second round was meant to scrutinize the reaction of the pairs to certain situations which were designed considering them to be in a  relationship.Four couples who gave the best answers and were loyal enough in their answers qualified for the final round.

In the final round, they were asked to propose each other and the best proposal by Jaya Shukla and Rakesh made them the winners of the event. The pairs seemed to have enjoyed a lot and as the Blind Date event was followed by a Paper Dance event in the evening, some of them also attended it and portrayed their chemistry as they grooved with their partners on paper sheets. The coordinators were very happy with the footfall of the event and ensured smooth functioning of the event.


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