LI(gh)TING UP NITRUTSAV: Lit-a-Lympics

LI(gh)TING UP NITRUTSAV: Lit-a-Lympics

Deepak Kumar | Feb 12, 2018

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Lit-A-Lympics, the annual literary fun event organised by Clarion, was back this year in a new avatar. Lit-a-lympics lived up to its hype by attracting a large number of participants. The registration for the event started at 9 AM on Sunday at BBA side lawns. This year Lit-a-Lympics had three rounds, the first being the characteristic written round, the second, a Pictionary round and the final round was a general quiz which largely related to the theme for this NITRUTSAV, ‘Retro’.

The first round started at its scheduled time, and during the first hour, the crowd was sparse. All that was compensated for later as the event eventually attracted a whopping 152 participants. The written round consisted of questions ranging from rebus, crosswords to quizzes and riddles. The first round ended at 1:30 PM.

Ten teams were shortlisted for the second round, each consisting of two members. The second round was a Pictionary round. Here, one of the team members had to guess the name of a popular movie/ TV show/ Song which the other team member tries to depict by drawing on a whiteboard. This round saw tremendous enthusiasm amongst the participants. Four teams could make it through to the next round.

The last round was a general quiz relating to literature. After 15 rounds of very passionate literary quizzing, the winners were declared. The winners of the event were Sandipan Sen and Abhinav Kothari from NIT-R itself. After the event, team MM caught up with the co-ordinators of Lit-A-Lympics, Srija Mukhopadhyay and Rashmita Chatterjee, to know their take on this event, they said:

We were pretty pleased with the turnout. This year we wanted to make the event more interesting for the general populace and at the same time not compromise with the literary aspect of this event. With all that in mind, we are pretty happy with how the event went.”

Overall, the event functioned smoothly with no major glitches. In a candid talk with MM the winner of the event, Sandipan Sen said:

It was a fun event to be a part of. These questions were a good test of creativity and literature. The Co-ordinators did a good job in making the event interesting.

Lit-A-Lympics did indeed light up NITRUTSAV. Team MM congratulates the winners and the organisers for conducting a successful event.    


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