Know Thy Partner Well: Splitsvilla

Know Thy Partner Well: Splitsvilla

Swaha Swayamsiddha | Feb 12, 2018

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Man is a social animal and relationships are an integral part of society. They mature people and help them understand others and empathize rather than just sympathize. Getting to know a person better is an integral part of this. NITRUTSAV 2018 definitely had a select range of cupid’s arrows down its sleeve. Among multiple events that required couples getting to know their partner and having a minimal sense of understanding about the person whom they cherish, Splitsvilla stood out uniquely. This event combined the common-place “know-thy-partner-well” with fun and frolic for both the participants and the audience.

This event was slated to be held on the 4th of February at NCC Grounds. But due to other day-long events being held at NCC Ground, it was shifted to the Student Activity Centre. This shift also caused a delay, causing the event, which was supposed to start at 9 AM, to start at 12 PM instead. This event had two rounds; the first one was a written quiz and the other was a race. A total of nine teams registered and took part in this fun and innovative event. The coordinators of the event; Pratyay Shah and Subham Saroj did a commendable job in setting up the event in an entirely different and new place.

The first round required the teams to answer a written quiz. Questions were mostly based on their partner and most of the questions required the participants to write about what they would do in a particularly tricky situation. The answers were judged and eliminations were made. The second round was the tricky part where the teams took part in a race. One of the teammates had to lift the other and run the race; the one who won would be declared the undisputed winner. And so the second round started soon after lunch; at around 2.30 PM. Partners held on to their teammates and joined the sport. At the end of this race, the winning team was declared with everyone cheering.

This event was a sight to behold with both the audience and the participants enjoying it. Given the unforeseeable and unavoidable shift along with the overcrowding of SAC due to other events, the event saw fewer footfalls. The participants went back happy and with incredible tales to their tally, hoping to see even better versions of this event in the future.


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