Bailiwick Of Rappers : Rapnesia

Bailiwick Of Rappers : Rapnesia

Manisha Rath | Feb 12, 2018

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Drill and Bass(DnB), the popular emerging EDM club of the NIT Rourkela organized an event named Rapnesia. The event was initially a rap competition but later the concept of EDM and Beatboxing was added to the event. On the third day of NITRUTSAV, the turf of the Student Activity Centre(SAC) was vibrating with energy and enthusiasm of the club members, participants and the crowd. The event was scheduled to start at 3:30 PM but it commenced earlier and witnessed a low participation of only 6 participants. In spite of the poor response, the club members stepped on to the floor and presented their marvelous rap skills, thereby successfully captivating a huge gathering. After the amazing rap performances the EDM started. Soon a gathering of around 100 people was found at SAC dancing on to the EDM tunes. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, energy and the hullabaloo of the students engrossed in the music.

In a candid chat with the President of the club, Nischit Mishra, Team Monday Morning came to know about the difficulties that the club faced during the event.

The event required a suitable and presentable stage which was not provided. One of the major difficulties was the lack of a proper sound system. The event required stereotype audio system which was suitable for the ambience of the SAC but the club members had to manage with the PA sound system.

Nischit Mishra, the president of DnB, was quoted saying:

The primary reason for poor response was the lack of awareness about hip hop, EDM and beat boxing among people. The second reason was probably the non availability of the requirements of the event at the right time but we tried our level best. Though the participation was poor we are glad that we could entertain and gather a good audience.

Apart from the poor participation the club was successful in arousing the interest of the public and gathering a fairly good crowd by their amusing performances.


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