Nupur Mohapatra | Feb 12, 2018

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NITR Roadies 9.0 was one of the most energetic events on the Nitrutsav scene. It was a fun event organized by the NU team loosely based upon the TV show roadies aired on MTV. The participant’s physical strength, intelligence, attitude and personality were put to test.

It was a two day long event which was conducted on 3rd February and stretched on to 4th February. On the first day the participants booked their seats by the spot registration procedure and then went on to compete in two of the scheduled five rounds. There were a total of 60 participants who registered for the event but eventually 45 of them turned up for the personal interview round. After the interview round 12 participants were shortlisted to compete further. The 12 selected prodigies were divided into four groups consisting of three members each.2 people from each group were chosen to run a three legged race from NCC ground to SAC. Their third partner was held as a hostage at SAC and had to be rescued with the help of a key which was hidden in a bucket of sand. After opening the lock they again had to run back to NCC ground through the library. The last team to reach NCC ground was eliminated. This brought an end to the activities of the first day.

The next day the event started at 11:00 a.m. as scheduled in the quadrangle of the main building. The third round was a card game to test the sharpness of mind of the remaining contestants. A deck of 20 cards was placed before each participant and they were asked to memorize the cards within a span of 2 minutes. After the allotted two minutes they had to recall the position of the cards they had memorized. The one with the least no of correct answers was eliminated. The remaining 8 members were divided into teams of two and then a hit ball game was put to show. The teams were allowed to strike the members of the opponent team with a ball within a confined area. The highest number of ball strikers qualified for the final task which was an individual task. The last round also brought in two wild card entries(selected on the basis of significant performance in the previous event).The fifth round demanded the contestants to drink an entire glass of bitter gourd juice and crawl through a maze to reach the roadies flag. The participant finishing the tasks in the least amount of time was declared the winner. Considering a tie occurred between two contestants in the fifth round, they had to crawl through another obstacle to win the game. Ultimately Aniket Santoshwar, a student of Mechanical Engineering of NIT Rourkela won the event.

The coordinator of the event Surya Kanta Behera left no stone unturned in developing an environment for the participants to compete in by providing them with all the basic amenities. Although he faced few problems in managing the entire event owing to the lack of volunteers. The NU management team also underperformed thus making the procuration of the requisites a cumbersome process. Overall the event was full of zealous energy and seemed to have garnered a decent participation despite the few stumbles along the path.





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