Batalla de expresión : NU'KKAD 2018

Batalla de expresión : NU'KKAD 2018

Sandeepan Mohanty | Feb 12, 2018

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Nukkad is the mirror of life lessons and ethics wherein people are shown what they could be if they wanted and what they'd like to be if they dared and what they really are. Bringing up social causes in the forefront for reasoning and resonating the same message with the audience through powerful acting, formations and scripts is the primary objective of Nukkad. NU’kkad 2018 was a power-packed event and taught many life lessons by attacking the very sentimental debatable topics in the form of drama through verbal interaction with the audience.

The event was organised by PANTOMIME on the occasion of NITRUTSAV 2018 as a battle between different teams. The event was on 3rd February which saw a participation of 4 teams in total from different colleges, namely:

1) BJB College, Bhubaneswar
4) VSSUT, Burla

The order in which the teams performed was decided by picking up chits. The event was scheduled to start at 9:00 AM in front of SAC. The coordinators were present but could not start the event before 10:30 AM owing to various factors like:

a) Not all the teams were present on time
b) The set up wasn't ready before 9:30 AM.

The event started at 10:30 AM after a delay of an hour and a half. Like every nukkad event starts with a common crowd call by all the teams, this one started with roars of “AAO AAO NATAK DEKHO, NITR ME NATAK DEKHO” and this continued to echo in the campus with more item numbers sung in order to attract the crowd to SAC. The crowd calling attracted more than 70 people in front of SAC and the event kick-started with the first performance by BJB COLLEGE, Bhubaneswar. Their performance was followed by RITVIC, PANTOMIME and VSSUT, BURLA. There were lessons of bridging religious gaps and removing religious bigotry that is ruining the peace of our country, feminism: the positive and negative sides of it and about confidence. The evermore-enticing themes of the teams kept the audience engaged and the number of people turning up kept on increasing with every performance. More than 100 people turned up to witness the event.

On asking the audience about the performances, a visitor was quoted saying,

The performance level of all the teams were pretty high and starting your day with such power-packed, inspiring and influential performances fills a sense of responsibility and reason. Great job with the event and all the teams were very good. 

The event ended with the felicitation of the judges and the announcement of the result. The winners of NU’ kkad 2018 were VSSUT BURLA. The Runner’s Up were RITVIC, NITR. The winners were congratulated and the judges came down to have a talk with the teams individually sighting their shortcomings and tipping them on lines and terms they should start working on to improve. All the teams danced and congratulated each other which marked the end of the event. Team MM congratulates all the winners, the participants, the organisers and the audience for putting up such a magnificent show.


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