Nupur Mohapatra | Feb 12, 2018

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Playing with words in the literal sense is what this event transcends to. It was an event organized by the Hourglass club and as the name suggests was a more sophisticated version of ‘finding the perfect match’. The event tested the quick thinking capabilities of the participants as their minds juggled with words.

The event started as per the scheduled time at 11:00 AM on 3rd February. It was conducted in Room No-301 of the Chemical Department as opposed to the others events of Hourglass which were conducted in the Library lawns because of the requisite benches and desks for this event which could not be set up in the Library Lawns. The event garnered a decent participation with 50 students who chose to take up the task.

There was a box containing several words and the counterpart for the words in the box was pasted onto the benches in the room. Each participant got 4 minutes to search for the other half of the word that he had picked up from the box. After the allotted time was over the number of correct pairings made by the participants was recorded. The person with the highest number of correct pairs was declared the winner. The event was terminated at 4.00 PM and Aditya, a first-year student from the Department of Electrical Engineering won the event followed by Sriya Sainath and Gaurav Samal who were adjudged as the runners-up.

The event did not have any mentionable glitches. The coordinators Baibhav Karan and Thota Rohit ensured the smooth functioning of the event. Despite numerous attempts, the organizers could not procure sponsors for the event. The lack of sponsorship for the event prevented them from giving away any prizes to the winners. So the coordinators decided to keep it as a fun event. On the whole, it was an adroit initiative taken by the Hourglass club to engage the participants in some convivial thinking.


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