Emanating Victory: NIT-R Achievements at Inter-NIT

Emanating Victory: NIT-R Achievements at Inter-NIT

Manasa Pisipati Niharika Dalai | Feb 12, 2018

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With the inception of the spring semester, the sports contingent of NITR geared up to its peak to compete in the Inter-NIT tournaments hosted by NIT, Warangal between 27th-29th January. Team MM presents a detailed analysis of the performances of various sports teams of NITR.

Badminton (Girls)

A total of 19 teams participated in the event. There were 3 teams in each of the 5 pools and 4 teams in the 6th pool and league matches were conducted between them. The women’s team from NITR won the singles as well as doubles matches against NIT, Nagpur, and NIT, Bhopal who were under the same pool and topped the pool with a big margin. Top two teams from each pool qualified for the knockout matches but since NITR had topped the pool, they directly entered quarterfinals where the team faced NIT, Bhopal and won in the singles and doubles again. The team played the semifinals against MNIT, Jaipur and won comfortably. In the finals, NITR faced NIT, Raipur where the team won again. In the doubles, the team lost the 1st game but played the next two games positively thereby winning the tournament.

However, the team faced many problems during the tournament. The accommodation provided to them was quite unhygienic and uncomfortable. They had to adjust one night without mattresses and pillow in the yoga room, with just a carpet and were forced to demand a better accommodation facility.

Speaking about the team’s performance, the captain Sushree Suman says,

The team performed exceptionally well in the tournament. We won the tournament and dropped just one game. The team is working hard and is in a good form. We hope to win many more tournaments in the future.

Badminton (Boys)

The team performed quite well in the tournament but was eliminated in the quarterfinals against NIT, Bhopal. The 1st stage of the tournament was group stage where the team topped the group. They defeated NIT, Uttarakhand, NIT, Puducherry and NIT, Srinagar in the first round. But lost to NIT Bhopal at the quarterfinal stage.

The team complained of a host of problems after returning from the tournament. The accommodation and the food were not up to the mark at NIT, Warangal. They were not provided with mattress and pillow. The hospitality was poor at the host institute. The humidity was a bit high, due to which two team members suffered from dehydration after group stages, and the team could not make it to the semifinals. Describing the team’s performance the captain, Nihar Ranjan Behera says,

The team was balanced as four of our members were from final year. The team played really well and we topped the group. Maybe this was the best performance NIT Rourkela had delivered in last 4 years.



The institute’s 4-member tennis team consisting of Devashish Sood, Vishal Vasedevan, Ayush Moharana and Teja Nath, bagged the bronze medal in the Inter-NIT Tennis tournament. The format of the group matches was: Singles, Doubles, Singles. The total number of participating teams was 13, with three groups of 3 teams each and one group of 4 teams.

The institute team won the first match against NIT Surat with the final score being 2-1 in our favour. Even though the team lost the second match against NIT Trichy by two points, they qualified to the quarterfinals where they defeated VNIT Nagpur by a margin of one point. Unfortunately, the team failed to beat NIT Suratkal in the semifinals but eventually won against NIT Calicut in the playoff for third-place, with the final score being 2-0.

The team was satisfied with its performance but requested for upgradation of sports facilities in the institute. Speaking about the tennis courts in NIT Rourkela, the Tennis Captain Devashish Sood said,

The whole team believes that the tennis courts either need to be repaired or reconstructed. We can’t afford to have such courts because it affects our practice sessions adversely.


The boys’ basketball team led by Aditya Parasar could not make past the pool round in the basketball tournament. The team lost their first two matches against NIT Jaipur and NIT Suratkal with a very narrow margin of around 5-10 points each.

The girls' team led by Nandita Tigga could not qualify for the quarter-finals as well. They won their first match against NIT Durgapur with a margin of 10-6. The next two matches against MNNIT Allahabad and NIT Kurukshetra were not in the team’s favour and this led to the end of their journey in the tournament.

According to one of the girls’ basketball team members,

The basketball matches were lost by very close margins like around one or two points for the girls. Even the boys team was leading in the first half in both the matches but the tables turned unpredictably by the end of second half and we ended up at the losing side.

Team MM congratulates the sports teams of NITR for bringing laurels to our institute and wishes them better luck for their future matches and tournaments.


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