The Patriotic Fervor: Gaurav Yatra

The Patriotic Fervor: Gaurav Yatra

Nupur Mohapatra | Feb 12, 2018

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Gaurav Yatra translates to ‘The March for Pride’- It was an initiative taken by the final year students of NIT Rourkela that came with the tagline “A Country doesn’t need to be perfect, it only needs to be united”. The motto behind organizing such an event was to draw the attention of the authorities towards the need of a flag post hoisting the Indian National flag throughout the year. It has been a paradigm in all institutes of national importance to have a flag post in the campus where the Indian National flag stands tall all around the year. But NIT Rourkela, despite being an institute that is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India lacks a flag post that would hoist the National Flag throughout the year. Thus a short walk was instituted to bring this matter to light.

The event was scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM from the Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex on 10th February. However, the event was delayed by thirty minutes and could only begin at 9:30 AM owing to the delay in assembling of the participants. It was graced with the presence of Prof. Snehashish Chakraverty, SAC President, Prof. Simanchala PanigrahiDean (Student Welfare) and Prof. R.C. Pradhan and Prof. N.K. Vissa, Vice President of the Games and Sports Society. Around 150 students of the Institute assembled at STSC and the event began with the crowd singing the National Anthem and then the flag march started.

The next stop for the flag bearers was the Student Activity Centre (SAC) gallery. The flag was then hoisted at SAC and the participants were exposed to melodious patriotic music by the Heartbeats club of NIT Rourkela. The air of patriotism encased the audience as hits like “Sandhese Aate Hain” and “Ae Mere Waatan Ke Logon” drifted in. After the soulful performance by the members of Heartbeats the entire crowd joined in to sing Vande Mataram. Then the flag bearers ventured on a return journey through the academic main gate to reach STSC. The event ended at 11:30 AM and the crowd dispersed.

It was a commendable initiative taken by the final year students and will definitely achieve its objective. The Dean (SW) appreciated the students for taking such initiatives and assured that necessary steps would be taken in this regard after further discussions. Team MM congratulates the entire student community on having taken this step and expects them to continue working on the path so that our institute would hoist the National Flag permanently on its campus.


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