A Spur to Emanate Entrepreneurship: Startup Odisha

A Spur to Emanate Entrepreneurship: Startup Odisha

Payal Das | Feb 12, 2018

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India is emerging as a start-up nation. The corporate world has seen a pivotal upsurge in the number of emanating entrepreneurs in the Indian Startup Ecosystem which has evolved over the time. Every day young entrepreneurs are coming up with more and more innovative ideas and strategies to bring those ideas into implementation by ensuring that their growth rates are high. In addition to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ‘Startup India’ initiative aims to foster the visionaries inside them.

 Startup Odisha has taken a move under the Startup India initiative to provide the blooming entrepreneurs a platform to realize their startup dreams, with the dawn of the Startup India Odisha Yatra. It will continue for a stretch of 25 days in Odisha with the conduct of boot camps at 10 destinations. The venue for the boot camp to be held on February 7, 2018, was NIT, Rourkela. 

The event commenced at 9:30 AM with the registration of students which was followed by a welcome speech by the dignitaries present who were Dr Aseem Mishra, CTO, KIIT-TBI and Dr Suman Bhattacharya. Then came Dr Mishra and began the incubator session which focused on enabling the young entrepreneurs to complete the journey from idea to incubation. This incubator session was succeeded by a knowledge-based ideation workshop orchestrated by Dr Bhattacharya.Thereafter, groups were formed among the students, ideas were discussed and plans were made to execute these ideas in the activity-based ideation workshop which was scheduled to happen later that day. The groups were given two hours to carry out the course of events.

After a lunch break of an hour, the activity-based ideation workshop was conducted where all the groups gave presentations emphasizing their ideas. An idea-pitch session was carried out subsequently where the ideas presented were screened and selected there itself. The selection committee comprised of mentors from Startup India, Startup Odisha and KIIT-TBI. The groups selected made it to the Grand Finale which is scheduled to be hosted at Bhubaneswar post a 3-day Accelerator Program.

5 ideas were selected from the institute, which is as follows:

Sl. No

                 Team Members

Idea of the Team



Smart Home


B Amulya Sai

Asthma Relief Shirt



3 in 1: Shampoo, Soap, and Toothpaste


Kreetideepan and Soumya



Vikas Kumar

Sandwich Water Purifier

Team Monday Morning congratulates all the teams that have been selected from the institute and wishes that their ideas help them get incubation opportunities and emerge as top startups of India.


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