Diving into the details: Cinematics Workshop

Diving into the details: Cinematics Workshop

Deepak Kumar | Mar 19, 2018

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Cinematics recently conducted a series of workshops, aimed at inspiring cinematography enthusiasts and trying to bring the best out of the people. The workshops included talks from eminent people in the institute as well as outside it.

Workshop 1: Approach to Storytelling

The first of these workshops took place on Friday, 16th March in LA 301, an event which saw a participation of around 30 students and was coordinated by Sameer Ayyagari.

He started this workshop by sharing his interpretation of the word 'Meditation'. He was quoted as saying,

Meditation is the idea of accepting a thought that has surfaced in your mind. This thought, however brutal or against-general-norms, is a thought that has come from you. You can't deny the thought; you can decide whether or not to work on it.

In his view, story-writing is the best way to represent this thought. Having garnered the attention of the audience, he went on to say that everybody can be a story-writer, it is just an extension of one's thought process. He enthralled the audience further by telling how story writing is not a mundane task. At the end of this session, a feedback was taken from the audience present.

Workshop 2: Basics of Video Making

On Saturday, Waheeb Rasheed and Haritha Bharath hosted a workshop on basics of Video-making, wherein they talked about the detailing that goes into making a video. The focus was on why it is important to collect moments, not things. In an hour-long talk, Waheeb and Haritha explained the workflow of making a video, how sounds affect a video and the intricacies that go into making a good video, before moving on to talk about the latest Holi video Cinematics made and what made it stand out.

The people were then subjected to a visual treat as team Cinematics screened the trailer for its upcoming video titled, "Be Positive". Cinematics is also planning to release another video shortly after "Be Positive", the name of which is yet to be finalized- that video was also screened for the audience present. Towards the end of the workshop, Waheeb and Haritha offered tips and advice to the attendants while having a candid talk with them. Later, a  review was taken from the audience by the members of Cinematics.

Workshop 3: Music Production and Basics of Photography

A music workshop was planned for Sunday morning, but owing to low people turning up, it became a candid session between the host, Yugantha Perera, and the attendants. He talked to them about the different types of music production, how music production for a movie is very different from a standalone music piece.

On Sunday evening, an interactive photography session was scheduled, hosted by Mr. Min Chai Liu. Mr. Liu is a dentist by profession and a photographer by passion. He wanted to host this session in the open where he could talk to interested people. Mr. Liu talked at lengths about the philosophy of photography and also, contrary to common belief, how the skill sets required for a photographer and a videographer are starkly different. He iterated time and again that,

Photography is about capturing the moment, and not always following certain textbook guidelines.

He believed that a photograph, at the end of the day, should look good, the textbook guidelines come next in the priority order.  Later, he talked about his passion for photography, the evolution of the camera before ending by telling his view on what photography is in today's world.

Cinematics did a good job in putting together a series of well thought of informative workshops. The workshops could have even more successful had there been better publicity for the same.  The publicity was largely done on social media platforms, with offline publicity severely lacking.

The reviews from the students attending the workshops were largely positive. Team MM congratulates Cinematics on successful hosting of the workshops.


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