Of Hard Work and Hurdles : ASME at EFest 2018

Of Hard Work and Hurdles : ASME at EFest 2018

Manasa Pisipati | Mar 26, 2018

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For the fifth time in a row, a revamped Team Bluestreak 5.0 took part in the annual Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) which was conducted in Delhi Technology University from 16 to 18 March 2018. This national level contest, where human power is used to run the vehicle, saw the participation of almost 39 teams from colleges across India. Each team manufactures vehicles by adding a twist of innovation and provides design solutions to future vehicles.

The various rounds of testing in this contest are as follows:

  • Safety test & brake test
  • Design report presentation
  • Drag test (both male and female drag)
  • Endurance test

Team Bluestreak 5.0 consisted of 19 enthusiasts ranging from first year to third year of various departments. The team cleared the preliminary round to take part in HPVC 2018 after submitting their qualifier proposal report in the month of November 2017. Material procurement and manufacturing at the workshop started from the month of January. With immense support from the faculty advisor, Prof. Suman Ghosh, the team members kept their nose to the grindstone until they completed developing their vehicle in the month of March.

The HPVC vehicle of Team Bluestreak 5.0, as with each passing year, saw an exceptional improvement in performance.The design presentation on Faring and RPS design given by Rahul Mohanty was highly appreciated. A major feat of the team was that their vehicle cleared the speed test and break test on its first attempt. The female rider had qualified for the next round after the drag race, which was a first too.

Issues Faced

According to the team, one of the greatest hurdles faced was the constraint in the club budget even though they were given additional sponsorship from the alumni. The team president, Rahul Mohanty believes that a hike in the annual budget for ASME would allow the team to choose better quality tools and materials for fabrication, which would, in turn, lead to better performance in such competitions.In addition, the team contributed to the financial funding of the vehicle and the ASME members have still not been reimbursed by SAC. During the preparation for the competition, the team faced issues with shortage of tools and other equipment in the institute workshop.

The team faced a minor mishap during the endurance test of the three days event where the front wheel tube got punctured. Even though they were able to replace the wheel with a spare one, the vehicle could not complete as many laps as were expected of it.

Apart from that, the team faced plenty of issues regarding accommodation and food due to the poor management of DTU organisers. As said by the president,

Even though DTU had good sponsors, their management was very poor. Due to problems with accommodations, our riders were affected since they were not completely rested and this in turn affected their performance as well.

As a conclusion, here is what Rahul Mohanty has to say,

Overall the event was good to experience. All the enthusiasts got chance to put their design, manufacturing , management ideas and learn what could be done better next time. We can expect more support from institute and alumni both financially and academically so that students can excel in the next such event.

Team MM congratulates Team Bluestreak for another successful display of technical prowess and skill and wishes the team the best of luck in all its future endeavours.


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