The Sweet Taste of Success: Pantomime at ISM Dhanbad

The Sweet Taste of Success: Pantomime at ISM Dhanbad

Deepak Kumar | Apr 09, 2018

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Pantomime, the official drama club of the college recently bagged the winner’s medal for Rangmanch competition organized as a part of Srijan, the cultural fest of ISM Dhanbad. The team performed a stage play titled ‘VYAGYAROHAN’ which translates to ‘a lion’s ride’. The play very beautifully depicted how false ego in people often leads to their downfall.

The team for this play consisted of Archit Agarwal (team captain), Akshat Shukla, Abhishek Sharma, Padmini, Rutuparna, Shivam Chaurasia, Sourabh Gupta, Vaibhav Kohade, Ekta Gambhir, Hemant Kushwaha, Akash Jaiswal, Shubhendra Singh Chauhan, Mukti Mandavi, Sandeep Shiraskar, and Venkatesh. Speaking to Monday Morning, the president of Pantomime Deepak Thakur said,

The team obviously did a commendable job, I am particularly proud of the first years who went and made the entire institute proud. There were a lot of problems pertaining to logistics but despite that, they performed and performed really well. It is very satisfying when your opponent teams salute your performance.

The President also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Nalini Nihar Nayak for helping out during rehearsals. He said that the idea of the play drew inspiration from another play directed by Mr.Nalini. He wanted team Pantomime to perform the play and even offered to help out with his direction. Apart from him, former post-holders, Biswaranjan Naik, Vikas Singh Raika and Poonam Heda also helped a lot during the practice sessions. He also talked about the club usually being dormant after Spring Fest of IIT KGP and his desire to change that trend. Luckily for him, this opportunity came at just the right time. It is a general belief that it takes a lot of time to prepare a stage play. Defying this notion, the performers made this play with only 6 days of practice.

When asked about what difficulties they faced, Deepak told MM

We don’t get a hefty budget; usually, we have a very limited budget to work with. Quite often we have to pay from our pockets to go out for competitions. So, that is one problem. This time two of our team members, Ekta Gambhir and Padmini were injured before the performance and even then they managed to deliver an amazing performance. Problems will be there, in the end, it is always about giving your best when it matters.

Pantomime club kept the NIT-R flag flying high with a victory which, at the very least, is a reflection of the hard work that the team put in. Team Monday Morning congratulates them on their achievement.           


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