Redefining the Traces: ASK A QUESTION 17.0

Redefining the Traces: ASK A QUESTION 17.0

Nupur Mohapatra Niharika | Apr 17, 2018

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Vanessa Redgrave has justly quoted:

“Ask the right questions if you’re to find the right answers.”

In the 17th edition of Ask a Question, a multitude of NITR junta’s queries has been resolved. Procedural doubts have been delineated and a myriad of uncertainties have been comprehended.


MM: Despite the fact that all the leaves have been uploaded on NITRIS yet in the approval section, it says ‘N’ which implies that the leaves have not been approved or denied. What is the procedure for getting it approved considering the fact that latter are genuine leaves? When can we expect the leaves to be approved if it is going to be approved itself?

AB: Once the leaves have been uploaded, they will be approved by themselves in a week. There are various categories of leave. If the category of the leave has been mentioned as “Others”, then the student has to give a valid justification for the leave in the Academic section or in my office and then only his/her leave will be approved within 10 days. Generally, leaves get approved within a week.


MM: Who can give justice in issues of research misconduct such as denial of authorship? Which committee is there to address issues of publication practices and responsible authorship? Has anyone reported such type of case? If yes how it has been solved?

KKM: If such a case arises a committee would be formed in consultation with the Director and the Senate Chairman as this has to be academically approved. The body would then investigate into that matter to testify the tenacity of the accusation. Issues regarding publication practices and responsible authorship are taken up by the Senate. Yes, one such case has been reported in one of the departments and investigation is being carried out regarding the same, the reports are yet to come out.

MM: Despite the fact that a professor of Computer Science department was found to be charged with plagiarism, why was he allowed to continue teaching? Is this what the institute is setting as a standard?

KKM: As of now, no such incident has been brought to my notice. Our institute will never set such a negative standard and we are very strict about this because in the national level plagiarism is considered to be a serious offence. A proper investigation needs to be carried out before charging the miscreants and if found guilty appropriate action will be taken.

MM: Why are the students of MBA 1st year not eligible for any internship? Why aren’t they informed about the internships?

KKM: The curriculum or academic course for a department is made by the Departmental Academic committee and they are the ones who set the internship eligibility criteria for the students of the respective departments. It is the responsibility of the HOD of the MBA department to come up and propose the plan related to the internships for the First year MBA students. As of now, I have never received such a request, so I cannot take any action in this regard. But a meeting will be conducted in the coming week wherein the Management department will try to make us aware of the grievances of the department. If there is a requirement for internships we will allow the same considering the growth of students as our foremost priority.


MM: When will the AC’s in LA be installed?

HS: The administration is trying it’s best to get the AC’s installed before the exams begin. The exhaust systems have been put into place on the ground floor as well as the top floor. The wiring process is being carried out and we expect to get it finished before the exams.If we fail to install it before the exams, it will definitely come up before the next semester begins.


MM: What expenses (travelling, accommodation, etc) are reimbursed when a club goes to take part in a competition?

SC: All the expenses are reimbursed when a club goes out to take part in a competition provided some considerations need to be made during the reimbursement process. If the members are going out several times then they may be exempted from their bills getting wholly reimbursed. The entire budget available has to be utilized judiciously taken into consideration the funds belong to the entire NITR student junta and not a chosen few. Similarly, if the bills demand a large sum of the allotted budget, they may not be reimbursed.


MM: When is the grand farewell being held?

MONALISA MISHRA: The grand farewell will be organized on the 13 April 2018.


MM: How to book a room in Guest House if faculty advisor is on leave?

SM: A room can be booked through any faculty if the faculty advisor is on leave. If none of the faculties respond, I can be directly contacted, I will approve the booking.


MM: How to restart AIESEC in NIT Rourkela? AIESEC will significantly help in the internships for the students and help in providing global exposure.

MM: For restarting any club, a student has to approach the SAC for the same. Giving proper affiliations and documents, the club can be started.

MM: How are the students to be interviewed for internship experience interviews chosen?

MM: Team MM interviews students who have completed their internships in various reputed institutions via various programmes like MITACS, DAAD, IAS etc. In case of programmes where multiple  students have bagged the internship, the student with the highest CG is considered for the interview. 



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