NIT-R: Your Best Choice, Simplified

NIT-R: Your Best Choice, Simplified

Team MM | Jun 02, 2018

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Freshmen assemble!
As you head into the NITR campus, perhaps a bit confused and overwhelmed, though mostly bursting with excitement, a whole adventure awaits you. Becoming an engineer is no less demanding than becoming a superhero. We, Team Monday Morning, with our decade-long acquaintance with the protocols here, assure you that your college experience is going to be just as enriching as that of an Avenger at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela: the S.H.I.E.L.D of Engineering.

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, popularly known as NITR, has battled all odds to hold the 2nd position among all NITs in India, ranked 15th by the NIRF in the engineering category, and 126th in the BRICS ranking. Truly a tremendous achievement to behold! Well, S.H.I.E.L.D was not built in a day, so let's look at what makes NITR the best place for engineering!

A Home in the Hill

A picturesque city, hidden away among hills and dense tropical forests and mines which produces a precious metal. Sounds like Wakanda? Oh, wait! it’s called Rourkela. Exuberant green forests, a tropical climate, plentiful rainfall, dramatic temperatures ranges as high as 49°C and as low as 5°C? Rourkela is all this and much more! Situated in northern Odisha, Rourkela, which goes by the monikers of Ispat Nagar and Steel City, is the industrial capital of Odisha. Enwreathed by hills on three sides, Rourkela sits at the confluence of rivers Koel and Sankha which flow into the river Brahmani.

Classified by the Government of India as a ‘Smart City’, Rourkela is a quaint cosmopolitan town; home to two gems of India: National Institutes of Technology, Rourkela[NITR] and the Rourkela Steel Plant[RSP]. Sector-2, Ambagan, Ispat Market and Udit Nagar serve as market destinations for all things small and big. The market areas, as well as the railway station, are connected by the 16-km Ring Road which runs around the city.

Reaching Rourkela

The Bifrost is the primary pathway for Asgardians to and from  Asgard. Well, In Rourkela we have not one Bifrost but two! The railways and roadways. A third Bifrost in the form of an airport is underway and is expected to start functioning by the end of the year.

The closest airports are in Ranchi, Raipur, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata (in order of increasing distance from Rourkela). All of these places are extremely well connected. The name of the railway station is Rourkela Junction (ROU). It is situated 6 km away from campus in the heart of the city. The fare is fixed at INR 120 for the auto rickshaws from the station. In addition to this, there are alternatives such as Ola Cabs and car rental services at your disposal so that you’re never inconvenienced. The nearest bus stop is at Sector 2 which is about a kilometre away from campus: Intercity and Interstate buses are available here. There is also a local city bus available from the railway station to sector 2 for convenient commutes.

Temporary accommodation

Before you are allotted a Hostel, you might find boarding and lodging facilities handy. There are many hotels as well as lodges and inns, spread over Rourkela for you to comfortably stay after tiring journeys and long commutes. The popular luxury ones are MN International, Hotel Kanishk, The Central Park, Mayfair Rourkela, Hotel Tridev, Radhika Regency and Hotel Brindaban and Shyam. Click on the link below to get more info.

There is also an on-campus guest house which requires prior booking but has the advantage of making your commutes brief and accessible. For more info click on the link below.
Guest House

Necessary Supplies

Owing to the essential need of everyday supplies and commodities of the residents, NITR has an on-campus variety store ‘Rangoli’, located in the midst of  Scholar’s Avenue in front of the GDB Hall of Residence. In addition to that, an uprising market complex comprising of grocery, stationery and variety stores called ‘Needs’, is situated in the vicinity of KMS Hall of Residence, adjacent to the main entrance of the campus. The shops are well stocked and offer a wide range of products. Within the academic area, J.D. enterprises and Student Bookstore have an exclusive stationery store and a book depot to cater to the requirements of university supplies.

Listing the popular shopping areas in a decreasing order of proximity from the campus:
Sector 2 Marketplace (1.8 km); VIP Market (5.4 km) housing some top-notch showrooms; Ispat Market: the oldest everyday market popularly known as Ambagan (5.5 km) - famous for fresh fruits and vegetables along with daily commodities at a minimal rate; and the Kachery Road Market (7.5 km) which has many supermarkets, a Big Bazaar and high profile stores of apparels, jewelry, textiles and handicrafts.

A recce through the NITR alleys

The NIT Rourkela campus, covering a huge 1200 acres, provides one of the best opportunities regarding infrastructure and other necessary facilities to groom a trainee into an able Avenger on the similar lines of the S.H.I.E.L.D. The campus is beautifully adorned with the mesmerising gifts of nature and man-made marvels in perfect symphony. The lush greenery and well-planned infrastructure is a sight to behold but hard to explore on foot. Cycles serve as the perfect companions for any NITian and will be available for purchase when the retailers camp near the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium premises.

‘Healthy food is the prime necessity for a healthy body and mind’. The mess aptly provides generous amounts of healthy meals to all the hostellers, but monotonicity makes an aspiring Avenger’s life dull. To satiate the taste buds of the ‘self-proclaimed foodies’, there are numerous food joints in the campus, be it the Jo’z Kitchen and the Hexagon in the Scholars’ Avenue or the Mokshaa and the Dosa Plaza in the Technology Avenue or the Rengcol and the Srinivasa Lunch Room (SLR) in the Academic Area. With the advent of technology, these food joints have started accepting card payments and other cashless pathways along with a student-friendly timetable which has made the Avengers’ lives easier. The Nescafe, Amul Parlour and the Departmental stores near the Campus Gate serve as the perfect hangout place for the Avengers. They satisfy their ‘sweet-tooth’ and refresh the tired minds after long hours of study and toil.

‘An Avenger must be an All-Rounder’. There are two stadiums, the Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) and the Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC) for the boarders to play their favourite sports for recreation or to hone their athletic skills. Extra-academic courses like NSS, NCC and Physical Education (PE) along with regular jogging too are held on allotted two days in a week for the all-round development of the Avenger.

Banking facilities are available in the SBI Bank in the campus premises along with four ATMs which help the Avenger monetarily to fulfill his/her needs. The two SBI ATMs are conveniently placed near the first-year boys’ hostels while another SBI ATM and an Axis Bank ATM are in the Residential Area and the Academic Area respectively. Besides, there are three temples in the campus itself for the religious folks.

Hostel Life

With the second largest Engineering college campus in India, NITR has a total of 10 halls of residence spread over the swathe: 7 for boys (GDB, MV, DBA, MSS, HB, SD, and VS), 2 for girls (CVR and KMS) and 1 for married scholars (SSB). Also, a new hostel is currently under construction to accommodate the ever-growing student body.

The newly inducted Avengers are offered accommodation in the GDB, MV, CVR and KMS halls of residences for their freshman year. Every hall is assigned an administrative body - Hall Executive Council, collectively operated by the Hall Warden, the Assistant Hall Warden, and the student elected secretaries – to ensure that no Avenger suffers any woes within the facility premises. All the HECs are accountable to the Hall Management Council that is headed by the Chief Warden.

Enwreathed with green, flowery gardens and well-maintained lawns, each hall of residence is strategically divided into blocks. Aspects of sanitation and cleanliness are given utmost priority. The rooms are well furnished with modern furniture including bed frames, study tables, chairs and cupboards along with the basic necessities of tube light, ceiling fan, curtains and LAN ports as per the occupancy and requirement of each room. Each hall houses a well-ventilated hygienic mess which serves four meals per day: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. The fixed menu is updated at least twice a year based on the boarders’ choices. Well stocked day canteens and night canteens with fixed rate charts are located in halls to propitiate the untimely cravings of the boarders. Each floor stations sufficient number of well-equipped washrooms with geysers and exhaust-fans which are cleaned every day. A steady supply of electricity and water is sustained in all the residences. Water coolers fitted with aqua-guards provide safe drinking water to the boarders. Laundry facilities and departmental stores are provisioned for each hall. The infrastructure of the halls also features sports courts, a Reading Room, a Common Room with a TV and indoor games equipment, along with secure and spacious cycle stands.Besides the active academic routine of the boarders, a variety of hall events are entertained throughout the year including several inter and intra-hall competitions, Hall Days and Garden Fests. Popular festivals are also celebrated in the campus with great enthusiasm.


Academic Extravaganza

In all probability, you have been through various sorts of academic action while getting into NITR and there is a great deal to come your way in here. The academic curriculum at NITR is systematic but arduous, framed in a way to extract the best out of any student, thereby helping him/her reach the zenith potential. To make this journey a bit laid-back, there is Moodle, an educational forum which is used to support teaching and learning online. It can be accessed by students at any time of the day using LAN. Zimbra webmail provides you with the ability to have in-house e-mail and caters to the circulation of all official emails securely within the network. NITRIS is the one-stop information portal containing your entire academic profile that includes attendance, exam schedules, results, hostel management etc. There are ANKCTEL and NPTEL lecture videos that would save you during the examinations.

The academic calendar provides for two long drawn holidays-- winter (4 weeks) and summer (11 weeks) holidays after the end semester examinations, a weeklong Navratri holiday, and a few other occasional offs. Classes will run from 8:00 am-5:15 pm split up by a lunch break (12:00 noon – 1:15 pm). The academic timetable available at the institute website needs to be decrypted - Download it and work out your timetable by matching your registered courses against the timeslots and classrooms. Do not be embarrassed if you turn up in a wrong class in the first place. Attendance is an essential requirement with a minimum of 85%, failing which can lead to a grade back or even backlog. Academics is cleaved in two-part theory courses and the sessional/lab courses. There are mainly two examinations conducted every semester: The Mid-Semester and The End-Semester with a gap of two months. Performance in class and tests form the basis of teacher’s analysis, the formative assessment being synonymous with our institute’s evaluation procedure.

At roughly 22, the number of branches and specialisations in NITR is the highest among all NITs. The conducive environment here encourages to carry out diverse research work. The colossal Lecture Assembly (LA), would be your venue for learning during your first year primarily meant for theory classes and computer laboratories. Orientations and inductions at LA will also be your first encounter with the NITR club culture. The Nescafe stall near it enamours students by providing a variety of food items and beverages. Not to forget the LA lawns, which hosts hundreds hungry for sunshine during chilling winters. It has been the subject of awe of every freshman.

Have a problem with academics? Reach out to your mentor. The Student Mentorship Program is one of the many notable initiatives taken by Monday Morning where experienced mentors provide personal and professional assistance to the curious newbies. This helps in positive and constructive interaction and guidance.

Useful links:
Academic calendar
Academic timetable
List of holidays.

Extra-curricular activities

In addition to having a well-furnished infrastructure of academics, NITR aims for the development of the student fraternity. It believes in expanding their interpersonal domain beyond the academic horizon. To reconcile this very noble venture, NITR has facilitated a broad and continuous spectrum of extracurricular activities for its beloved students. Those facilities include art, dance, music, literature, sports, cooking, coding, drama, debating to name a few. All these have been punched under the vibrant club culture. This serves as an ideal launchpad to pursue one’s passion and fortify the required skills. The sporting infrastructure, including the Cricket Stadium(Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex), football and hockey stadium(Dilip Turkey Stadium), tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball courts and indoor badminton court (P.T. Usha Sports Complex) are built to encourage and nurture talents. The institute conducts intra-hall sporting events throughout the year which emboldens the sports enthusiasts to participate at various National level competitions and bring laurels to the institute.

The institute organises three fests annually-one technical, one cultural and another sport that brings different colleges to Rourkela. Augmented with exhilarating EDM Nights, high octane Pro-Shows,’Celebrity Night’ and soul-stirring bands, the fests assure you with vivid and heartwarming memories of a lifetime. Such fests bestow you with an excuse to get outside and enjoy what goes on outside the walls of academia.

Extra-curricular activities at NITRKL plays quite a crucial role in a NITRian’s life. It does a commendable and praiseworthy job; the praises of which come only in superlatives.


The Student Activity Centre monitors the significant happenings of the institute analogous to what S.H.I E L.D does. It’s a concoction of individuals who work to bring out the best student activities, working very much as NITR's own Avengers initiative. SAC supervises the functioning of the four major societies: the Technical Society, Arts and Cultural Society, Literary Society and Games and Sports Society. It looks after various club activities that go around the academic year. Be it some social service or some Stark tech involving bots and cars that the students keep working on, SAC sees it all.

The diverse club activities that students indulge themselves into is one of the most excellent attributes that involves an altruistic level of dedication and exuberance. Be it delivering speeches as Steve Rogers does or working on tech as Stark does, nothing ever becomes a “Civil War” as long as the SAC monitors it. SAC remains as the silent guardian with its “agents” working unnoticed to deliver you the college life you can ever dream of. Other activities involve cooking, martial arts, coding, drama, dance, music and what not. The list is never ending giving you numerous chances to bring out the best in you.


With the dawn of 21st century, a great many changes in the priorities of students have been observed. While Engineering was the choice of the multitude in the first decade, it has somewhat become infamous in the past few years due to the rise of “Thanos of unemployment” which has engulfed more than half of the graduates in India. Well, this is not the case over here for the companies of various sectors coming for campus recruitment of NITR have helped the graduates fight out this evil. The infinity stones are namely- Analytics; Consultancy; FMCG; BFSI; semiconductor, VLSI, and Electronics; Software & IT; Power and Heavy Industries and Oil and Gas industries.

The placement statistics of the past few years here at NITR have been overwhelming. Many top-notch companies from sectors have shown up time and again to offer graduates lucrative job offers. Some of them are:-

  •   Analytics- ZS associates, EXL services, Affine analytics etc.
  •   Consultancy- PWC India, Delloite, Cartesian consulting.
  •   FMCG- ITC, Nestle, MTR Foods, IDMC
  •   BFSI- DBS, Axis Bank, DE Shaw etc.
  •   Semiconductor, VLSI and Electronics- Qualcomm, INTEL, Texas instruments etc.
  •   Power and heavy industries- L&T, Vedanta, Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki, Coal India Ltd, Bajaj etc.
  •   Oil and Gas industries- HPCL, IOCL etc.

Apart from on-campus placements, NITRians have also cracked admissions to top-notch institutions for post-graduate courses securing as high as AIR-18 in GATE exams in the past academic year.

Every year, some of the research aspirants from NITR even get lucrative foreign internship offers from countries like Germany, Canada, Japan etc. via DAAD, MITACS. Thus in every way, NITR serves as an ideal platform in helping the undergraduates shape their career in accordance to their preferences.

Alumni Relations

NITR has given numerous superheroes who have displayed exceptional excellence in the fields of intellect as well as arts across the globe. They are making their alma mater proud and are an inspiration to all the young folks who, in their future, want to make likewise indelible impressions upon the masses.

The NITR Alumni Association, NITRAA, one of the largest alumni organisation of the country serves the purpose of bringing the Avengers, the notable alumni, to humble ties with their alma mater. Each year inductions take place to invite the graduates of the institute to join the organisation. The executive council of NITRAA is presided over by Venkata Narasimham Peri. Since it is hard to list the many great heroes, we would introduce you to the ones who are eagerly seeking all the infinity stones and making their alma mater proud.

  • Sandip Das: an alumnus of mechanical engineering department serves as a corporate executive.
  • Ranjan Dash: an alumnus of the ceramic department, is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Y-Carbon, USA.
  • CP Gurnani: a chemical engineering alumnus, serves as the managing director and CEO of Tech Mahindra.
  • Akash Khurana: a mechanical engineering alumnus who is the COO of NIMBUS and who is a theatre and film personality and has also won the Film Fare Award.
  • Nalini Ranjan Mohanty: former Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
  • Soma Mandal: first woman Commercial Director of Steel Authority of India Limited.

Med Pods at NITR

In case of any health-related issues, feel free to head towards the institute’s Health centre, to get yourselves treated by specialist physicians, maybe if you're lucky you'll find Dr. Helen Cho. All the prescribed drugs can be procured ‘free of cost’ from the adjacent Apollo Pharmacy. Members of the NITR family are entitled to these basic facilities so that no student/faculty/staff is vexed because of health issues. There is also an emergency doctor available 24x7 in the institute premises. In addition to the health provisions present at the campus, more serious health issues can be treated at nearby hospitals: CWS and IGH upon the institute’s doctors' recommendation.

In case of a referral to super-speciality services, the Institute shall reimburse the expenses per its policies on submitting the requisite documents. In case you need any information on the doctors/specialists/pharmacist or any assistance in an emergency, do have a look at Monday Morning’s healthcare information page


A brainchild of our director, Dr. Animesh Biswas, this program was initiated from the academic year 2017-18 that ensures an unhindered transition from home to the hostel for the newbies. The venture, headed by the director himself and Mr. K.C. Pati as the Professor-in-charge addresses towards academic, emotional, socio-cultural and financial well-being and counselling of the freshmen. Currently, 4 faculty coordinators, 14 student coordinators along with one senior coordinator and the chosen mentors are responsible for helping and assisting the freshers to adapt and grow in the challenging atmosphere. Every student will be mentored by an assigned mentor who will address the problems and queries of newbies. Maybe it getting over homesickness, dealing with academics and exams, confusion regarding clubs or study materials to choose, queries over financial assistance/ scholarships or tackling mental disorder, the team will be the first and foremost one to lend a hand of help.

Additionally, since everyone may not be accustomed to the pace and changing style of teaching, “remedial classes” for almost every subject is provided, that starts within few weeks of the initiation of the semester. The assigned tutors will ensure personal guidance, clearance of personal doubts, regularity in the conduct of classes and help the students to progress academically.

Since the team understands the importance of mental well- being and need of counselling, a counsellor, and a psychiatrist have been appointed by the institute, where one can seek proper assistance and counselling. For now, the counsellor and psychiatrist are available and can be approached on a particular day of the week during 4:30-6:30 (subject to change).


We, Monday Morning, the official media body of NITR aim to voice the opinions, ideas, and grievances of the campus community and aspire to bridge the gaps between the authority and the student community.

Be it inspiring interviews, highlights of events, meetings, programs; a club/hall review, placement data or Director’s desk, MM, since 2006, has been refreshing the Mondays with the weekly dose of campus news. To stay updated on the campus, log on to our website or download our app from the Google Play Store.

Have any queries/confusion/grievances? Get them cleared and sorted through ‘Ask a question’ section. Want a discussion or debate on an issue? ‘Discussion forum’ is the option that you should look for. You can opine your views and thoughts through ‘Citizen journalist’ section by mailing your entries.

Team Monday morning wishes you good luck for your journey in this fantastic universe of magic and mystery.


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